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Ultrasound: 7 Reasons Your Developing Baby Says It’s NOT Safe or Painless

Besides the slimy goo and full bladder, Maureen Markus has positive memories of her first ultrasound when she was 10 we...

Our Bodies Ourselves

The active phase of labor is complete when your cervix is open wide enough to accommodate the baby’s head (about ten centimeters, or four inches) or there is full or complete dilation. Around this time, you will likely feel a strong u...

Your Physical Recovery

In the hours and days after giving birth, your body will undergo enormous physical changes. This article describes some of what you may experience.


Nearly all women experience some kind of body soreness after labo...

Birth by Cesarean Section

Cesarean Section: What to Expect

If you are giving birth by cesarean section, whether planned or not, the process will start in an operating room, where you will usually receive spinal or epidural anesthesia to make you complete...

When Can Babies Have Chocolate?

When is appropriate to give your child chocolate? What are the benefits and disadvantages to giving babies chocolate, and how much should they have? What are some good ways to let babies enjoy chocolate? We’re answering these question...

Why it's not OK to do space clearing while pregnant

I’m always glad when someone checks with me if it’s OK to do space clearing while pregnant because it definitely is not OK. And it’s not OK while breastfeeding either.

Clutter clear is one of the preparatory steps for space clea...

Third Stage of Labor – The Most Taboo Part of Childbirth | Mother Rising

The third stage of labor is everything that happens after the baby is born, the part of childbirth that doesn’t make it to the movies. The delivery of the placenta, the most taboo part of childbirth, encompasses the third stage of lab...

Marijuana: Pro-Tips for Pregnant and New Moms

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Marijuana and the Mamas: Pro-Tips for Pregnant and New Moms

By Sophie Dila

This one goes out to all the expecting and new moms! With more and more states legalizing marijuana use, it’s time to get talkin...

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