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Tips for Online Fitness Sessions
Online fitness sessions can be an extremely helpful tool in keeping up with your workouts, dealing with anxiety and stress, and just a beautiful way of keepi...
Erica Breen
Yoga Therapy
Prenatal Yoga for Back & Hip Pain
Using yoga poses to alleviate back and hip pain and give the body extra love and attention during pregnancy During pregnancy, the body experiences many beau...
Erica Breen
Functional medicine
Bodybuilding For Weightloss @ Home Programming Making Weightloss Simple
Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician - For Your Health, Wellness - Educational Purposes Skeletal-Muscle is our bodily organ of locomotion. Furthermore, it ...
Christine Foutch
Functional medicine
Controlling Age-Related Muscle Loss
Controlling Age-Related Muscle Loss Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician - For Your Health, Wellness - Educational Purposes A condition linked with the ...
Christine Foutch
Yoga Therapy
Adjusting to the “New Normal”
Let’s get the obvious out in the open and out of the way: COVID-19 has caused a massive disruption to our daily lives, with an avalanche of changes that hav...
Dina Omar
Yoga Therapy
AcuPro Yoga Mat
The Acupro® Yoga Mat is the world’s first fitness mat that incorporates a Deep Stimulation system, designed to cause a cascade of energy from the receptors o...
AOK Health
WFH: Getting Into your Back
As a seasoned Worker FH, I started to feel I was rather unusual among all the 170 comments on a recent LinkedIn survey, because it suits me fine. So, I wrote...
Charley Linden Thorp
WFH: Mindfulness and Eye Care
Mindfulness and Eye Care will help you protect and enhance your vision as you spend countless hours gazing at screens. WFH is an excellent opportunity to tak...
Charley Linden Thorp
Yoga Therapy
The Meeting of a Government Agent in the middle of the Atlantic, that sparked the True Story of Yoga
Chapter One. Dear Agent of the Universe It is hard to know where to start, as there is so much to tell. I know we have time, so much time, and I hope these ...
Sheena Patel
I trade out for acupuncture health care
I write this story as an acupuncture patient. I’m an author and documentary filmmaker. This is an exerpt from my memoir “True Stories of a Mediocre Writer.” ...
Alan O'Hashi
Top breathing tips for exercising
I always seemed to struggle with breathing when I would jog or do the elliptical, I would end up with pain/cramping in my side. Most of the time when I wou...
Season Gorny
Forget about Abundance Self-Help— This is The Real Deal
Hocus pocus new age self-help books always boil down to only two words; Affirmations and Conditioning. Coaches and healers and Tony Robbins have made millio...
Lucien Lecarme
Yoga Therapy
Three Stages to True Self-Transformation
Three Stages of Self-Transformation In working with over ten-thousand people of various cultures, I have learnt over my twenty-seven years of service, that t...
What Makes Afrocentric Doulas Different
**What is a Doula ** by Innocence Smith, CBD A doula is a trained companion who is not a healthcare professional and who supports another individual throug...
Innocence Smith
Medical intuition
What is Intuition
So many people especially businessmen, logical thinking people, and linear mindset behavior look at my life, judge it, question it, and wonder how on Earth i...
Colleen Gallagher
Functional medicine
The Watson Chaudhry Sleeping Method: CBT for insomnia
As you can tell from the picture, when it comes to sleeping, puppy Watson is somewhat of an expert. If you ask Watson Chaudhry, the best way to get restorati...
Shiven Chaudhry
Recreational Therapy
Have you ever been advised to avoid stress in your life, in order to prevent its harmful effects on your health? How much have you told yourself that you nee...
Animal-Assisted Therapy
The spirit of the Owl
Do you always see an owl spirit animal in your dreams, daydreams, and even just your random thoughts? When you keep encountering the owl symbolism and you’re...
Bantu Chk
Herbal therapy
Why Do We Age?
According to Wikipedia, the percentage of oxygen in the air is 20.95% at the present moment. In reality, it is much less, especially in heavily populated ind...
Larrissa Aawar
Herbal therapy
Facial Rejuvenation
When a woman in her early to late thirties starts to experience her first signs of aging, she is very alarmed and concerned. So what is the first thing she d...
Larrissa Aawar
Idea Generation in Menstruation
How can you manifest authentic ideas? Menstruation is here to support you! As we invite in the experience of menstruation, the gifts are endless. It calls us...
Keeva Dagg
Once in a Blue Moon - Full Moon In Aquarius August 22nd 2021
Debate exists as to what constitutes a blue moon. Some say when two full moons occur within the same month. Others that the original rarity is when there ar...
Yoga Therapy
Karmic Bath
I RELEASE MY SPIRIT! (This I call karmic bathing. It’s like a karmic shower. You feel much lighter afterwards! Very powerful stuff. For more effectiveness, ...
Joanna Rose Tierney
Yoga Therapy
Self Love – Journey To Wholeness
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said out loud “I love you. I love you. I love you.”? Calling yourself by your name, saying those words wit...
Alla Kozyreva