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Sexual Health
Can you avoid pregnancy with certain sex positions?

Do Certain Sex Positions Avoid or Cause Pregnancy?

Sorry in advance to all you hopefuls out there. While it may be fun t…

Here is what dreams have to do with mysticism

There is basically no difference between the waking state and that of dream, except that one seems more stable than the other. Only after there is awakening in the form of enlightenment is it realized that the waking world itself is indeed nothing but …

Space Weather
Do You Know That The Sun and Magnetic Field Influence Your He...

Solar energy and cosmic radiation have electrical influences over a multitude of human activities including human health. Mainstream science has begun to accept these effects, and to investigate the topic in a serious way, but the science itself is by …

Health Psychology
What is the Nishi System

The Nishi System is a methodology for the maintenance and recovery of good health that was first introduced in 1927 by Katsuzo Nishi, who at the time was the chief technical engineer for Japan’s first subway project, the Tokyo subway.

From childh…

Your guide to healthy sleeping

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Trouble staying asleep? How does one get a good night sleep? What are the tips for sleeping well through the night?

Remember when you could fall asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow and not wake up until …

Health Psychology
Colon Cleansing – Is it safe?

Is colon cleansing an effective way to get rid of toxins from your body? 

Chaos Magic
Find your hidden powers with these gadgets

These three devices are some of the most effective occult technology for changing consciousness ever built. Check out what our special selection in this article. 

Since the start of our era, people have been attempting to change their consci…

Sleep and Dreaming
How Science Evolves: Consciousness of God

A lot of those who know how the pineal gland functions are aware that it has earned the name ‘the seat of enlightenment’ not by accident. The pineal is a transmitter of the spiritual or divine self as well as the grosser, earthly or physical self. Scie…

Dreaming explained by quantum physicists

The observer effect, the central pillar of quantum physics, demonstrates that the act of observation is not just a passive reception of information, but in fact, is a creative act that we are all—knowingly or unknowingly—participating in every moment o…

Other Diets
How This Doctor Reversed Heart Disease After a Heart Attack a...

Six years ago on my way to work at the hospital, I experienced crushing chest pain and shortness of breath. I’m a doctor, and feel lucky that I was able to stumble into the Emergency Room at my hospital before passing out. I was told I had experienced …

Tantra Massage
Tantra Essence with Ma Ananda Sarita & her kaula team

Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium

This book contains a treasure trove of information and interesting insights. It also contains astonishing pictures of archaic Tantra paintings and sculptures, unique quotes from Tantra scri…

Art Therapy
10 Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts provides a number of excellent health benefits, in addition to instilling discipline and confidence within students. Through improving one’s skills during practice, a student of martial arts will also be able to build a healthier body and,…

Healthy Remedies
Light As Medicine — Scientists Explain How It Benefits Our Mo...

In the 30 years since Donna Keller-Ossipov had her first migraine, she’s tried everything from pills to Botox to keep the crushing headaches at bay. They’ve come every few days anyway, forcing her to retreat to a dark room, nauseated and incapacitated.…

Sleep and Dreaming
Experience 'Llucid-dream cinema' In Rotterdam

This year's International Film Festival Rotterdam had a rich selection of filmic fare, as world famous directors like Guillermo del Toro appeared alongside lesser-known filmmakers. However, the most fascinating…

Lifestyle and Behaviour
3 Hacks to Have Lucid Dreams

In the 2010 movie "Inception," Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) explains his spouse Mal's trick for differentiating reality in the fantastic dreamscape where the majority of the film takes place: He uses what he calls a totem, a spinning top which won't ever f…

We Are ‘Hardwired’ to Start Our Days at 10 Am, Researchers Say

A sleep scientist in England just confirmed what we already knew: getting to work before 9 a.m. is torture.

Sleep and Dreaming
Five Levels of Manifesting

Sit down, relax, and learn

about the 5 levels of manifesting that will help you create the life of your dreams.

Healthy Remedies
Sleep Apnea – You May Not Know You Have It. Take This Test To...

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder when a …

Brains Sweep Themselves Clean Of Toxins During Sleep

While the brain sleeps, it clears out harmful toxins, a process that may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, researchers say.

During sleep, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain increases dramatically, washing away harmful waste proteins that …

Sleep and Dreaming
A Shaman's Dreams and Nightmares

An unplanned vacation during his early years in Zurich may have been the stimulus behind Henderson’s extensive work on initiation rites and their equivalent value in modern psychology.

“While in Zurich, Joe was called home to Elko, Nevada, by an …

Sleep and Dreaming
How to Develop Healthy Sleep Routine — A Guide

When we have too much on our plate and find ourselves falling behind on our to-do list, sleep is usually the first thing we sacrifice to do other things that we consider more important. Here's the reality – there’s always going to be something you need…

Sleep and Dreaming
The Complete Guide to Calea Z. — The Herb For Lucid Dreaming,...

Calea Zacatechichi is the ultimate dream herb, that can gift you an ability to lucid dream. If you want to maximize your dreaming potential the this potent herb is right up your dreaming alley!

Having incredibly vivid dreams, improved ability to …

Lifestyle and Behaviour
Learn How to Lucid Dream as a Tool for Self-Discovery

If you’ve ever wished you had the power to control your dreams, a process called lucid dreaming, you’ve now got a good reason to try—not that it wouldn’t be nice to be able to put on some clothes the next time you find yourself unexpectedly naked while…

Sleep and Dreaming
How Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Your Waking Life

My initial urge is to believe everyone in this room is insane. Or at least willfully delusional.

I’m sitting in circle with about 20 people; men, women, some young, some old. Some look like hippies, some look like middle managers at accounting fi…