7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism?

7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism? What can you tell me about a supplement called 7-Keto, sometimes 7-Keto DHEA? Is it really safe and effective for weight loss as advertised? Do you recommend it? If so, who should take it?The supplement 7-keto DHEA is being widely promoted as a means of revving up metabolism in order to lose weight, specifically belly fat. Other claims for the product are equally extravagant – that it can improve lean body mass, build muscle, increase thyroid gland

Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent

Sure to both stir your soul and calm your nervous system.Everyone knows they need to manage their stress. When things get difficult at work, school, or in your personal life, you can use as many tips, tricks, and techniques as you can get to calm your nerves. So here's a science-backed one: make a playlist of the 10 songs found to be the most relaxing on earth. Sound therapies have long been popular as a way of relaxing and restoring one's health. For centuries, indigenous cultures have
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Daoist Contemplation and Chinese Medicine, Part 1: History and definition of contemplation in Daoist texts

Different forms of contemplative practices have been one of the key elements in Daoist tradition. This essay will appear in four parts dealing with:1. History and definition of contemplation in Daoist texts2. Contemplative practices and concept of body-mind3. Contemplation and dietary practices4. Contemplation and art of medicineIn these short essays I define contemplative practices, look historical relevance and how has it affected the development Chinese medicine and what does it has to do
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What Is a Mental Map and How Can It Help You?

A mental map is a first-person perspective of an area and how they interact with it. An easy example would be the image you have of your neighborhood. Your mental map of where you live allows you to know how to get to your favorite coffee shop. It is what you use to plan activities and routes to travel. This kind of mapping is studied by behavioral geographers to help them create things like improved driving directions.Does Everyone Have a Mental Map?Yes, everyone has mental maps. We use them
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Divinations: Tassomancy

Contents show]Table of ContentsIntroductionTasseomancy, also known as Tasseography, is the art of reading tea leaves. While the term also includes the use of wine sediments and coffee grounds, these other materials have since separated into their own type of divinatory art. While it is certainly common to find any of the three used, as beginners you will be working primarily with, and learning about, the uses of the tea.The significance of the ubiquitous, cross cultural and historical
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Frequently Asked Questions + Working with Gogo — Sacred Liberation Healing Arts

Greetings loves! I try my best to be attentive to every email, request, and question sent in my direction whether virtual or in person, yet I am not always able to answer in a timely manner. There are a number of questions that I would like to share here for those interested in working with me or doing research related to spirituality & ancestral work....I would love to learn more! What books or resources can you recommend?The greatest teachings I have received have been through an
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Nature’s Role in Mental Illness: Prevention or Treatment?

Source: Valiphotos/Pixabay, used with permissionIf you’re looking for some form of natural healing to achieve or maintain a positive mental state, what better place to start than outside in nature? You may instinctively feel the benefits of a day at the beach or a weekend wilderness jaunt, but is there any real evidence that being outdoors is good for your mental health?While it has yet to be determined whether activities such as walking through a desert or sitting on a bench in a city park are
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