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Brain Hacking
Best 10 tips to become smarter

1. Smart drugs

Demi Powell
Cognitive Psychology
Mental enhancement in today's culture

Yet another survey has revealed surprisingly large numbers of people using drugs to boost their mental powers. What should be done?

Demi Powell
"Behind The Mask"

Suicide v’s My children

I sat like a puppet on a string I looked up at the rope

The smell of fresh w...

Anna Scott
7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism?

7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism? What can you tell me about a supplement called 7-Keto, sometimes 7-Keto DHEA? Is it really saf...

Demi Powell
Free Writing
Binaural Beats on YouTube (They’re Free, But Do They Work?)

Have you heard about the remarkable progress Binaural Beats can bring to your meditation? Perhaps you read how they can help with astr...

Demi Powell
Ancestral Reading
Divinations: Tassomancy

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Tasseomancy, also known as Tasseography, is the art of reading tea lea...

Demi Powell
Oracle Cards
Tarot Mythology: The Surprising Origins of the World's Most M...

The Empress. The Hanged Man. The Chariot. Judgment. With their centuries-old iconography blending a mix of ancient symbols, religious ...

Article by George Smith
Scientists Successfully Tune the Brain to Alleviate Pain

Scientists at The University of Manchester have shown for the first time that if the brain is 'tuned-in' to a particular frequency, pa...

Article by George Smith
Hacking your brain with electronics

Neuroscientists are divided about whether electrical brain stimulation improves learning or helps depression, but that hasn’t stopped ...

Article by George Smith
Women Chess Players Are Not Affected by Stereotype Threat Effect

Over decades, scientists have documented differences between women and men in performance in domains such as mathematics as well as ra...

Article by George Smith
Crossword Puzzles
6 Surprising Things That Can Lower Your IQ

Even if you can easily complete the daily crossword puzzle and regularly trounce your pals in Words With Friends—classic ways to keep ...

Article by George Smith
Self Help
What Is a Mental Map and How Can It Help You?

A mental map is a first-person perspective of an area and how they interact with it. An easy example would be the image you have of yo...

Demi Powell
Health Psychology
32 Best Mental Health Books for Increasing Your Well-Being

They say, ‘health is not just about what we eat. It is also about what we think, say, and do.’

Mental health forms a significant...

Demi Powell
Spirit Guides
Frequently Asked Questions + Working with Gogo — Sacred Liber...

Greetings loves! I try my best to be attentive to every email, request, and question sent in my direction whether virtual or in person...

Demi Powell
Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
Daoist Contemplation and Chinese Medicine, Part 1: History an...

Different forms of contemplative practices have been one of the key elements in Daoist tradition. This essay will appear in four parts...

Demi Powell
5 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Began Meditating

Prior to starting to meditate I felt that I had two advantages: I arrived from India, and because of my medical background, I had look...

Demi Powell
Binaural Beats
Elon Musk Says the Future of AI is in Linking it to our Brains

Following the accidental explosion at SpaceX on Sept. 1, company founder Elon Musk has been relatively quiet. But an interview posted ...

Article by George Smith
Brainwave Entrainment
A Better Way to Stimulate The Brain: Isochronic Tones

What are isochronic tones?

Isochronic tones are a very effective audio-based method of stimulating the brain. You may have heard...

Article by George Smith
Can Listening to Binaural Beats Make You Feel Better?

Binaural beat technology (BBT) was discovered in the early 1800s and first described in the popular literature in the early 1970s. In ...

Article by George Smith
The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

September Webinar: Working with Fear and Resistance when Fostering Contemplative Space Posted on Sep 3, 2019 Fostering contemplative s...

Demi Powell
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