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How To Meditate: Zazen Instructions

Practicing the Breath

Begin rocking the body back and forth, slowly, in decreasing arcs, until you settle at your center of gravity. The mind is in the hara, hands are folded in the cosmic mudra, mouth is closed, tongue pressed ...

Transforming the Mind

Transforming the Mind

Chapter One: Introduction

By Peter Shepherd

'Transforming the Mind' is a manual that aims to describe the process of human conditioning and how to achieve an awakening from this imposition. We a...

The MIND Diet for Divas

For years, doctors have held the opinion that what a person eats on a regular basis affects their heart in both positive and negative ways.

In more recent studies this idea has begun to convince doctors, fitness trainers, and at...

5 Reasons We Love the MIND Diet

Since it’s debut in February 2015, the MIND Diet has drawn headlines for its promise to reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. We think this attention is well deserved. The MIND Diet is not only a smart step to brain ...

The dangers and how to protect yourself

What Is Mind Control?


Mind control is also known as manipulation, thought reform, brainwashing, mental control, coercive persuasion, coercive control, malignant use of group dynamics, and many others. The fact ...

The Mind Eraser By Lori Schlotzhauer

"Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf." -Jonatan Martensson

I hated roller coasters when I was a little kid. Being a little ball of anxiousness, the thought that people...

What Is a Mantra?

With spiritual practices like yoga and meditation becoming more popular, it seems like everyone is talking about mantras. But what exactly is a mantra and how are you supposed to use it?

In our westernized, modern-day spiritual ...

Telekinesis (Making Things Move With Your Mind) Is Possible

Science fiction isn’t fiction any more. You really can change the world around you just by thinking.

Here’s how.

In the unimaginably weird world of subatomic particles such as electrons (carriers of electric current), indi...

Chapter Four: Meditation on Emptiness

Once again, bring your attention away from hallucination to the realities of life, the nature of which is impermanence and death. Awareness of death helps free our mind from delusion and karma so that we can not only bring to an end t...

The ‘Mandela Effect’ and how your mind is playing tricks on you

Have you ever been convinced that something is a particular way only to discover you’ve remembered it all wrong? If so, it sounds like you’ve experienced the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect.

This form of collective misrem...

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Blog

As a hypnotist, I often teach workshops on self-hypnosis and meditation at yoga centers, and some participants have asked if there are similarities and relationships between hypnosis and yoga. Usually, someone in the group points out ...

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

September Webinar: Working with Fear and Resistance when Fostering Contemplative Space Posted on Sep 3, 2019 Fostering contemplative spaces in academic settings is often limited by the fear and resistance educators, students, and admi...

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