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Traditional Chinese Massage
History and Techniques of Traditional Chinese Massage

What is Chinese Massage Therapy?

In terms of massage therapy techniques, the Chinese have historically been ahead of their time by applying age-old methodology to the human body. Massage – known in Chinese as ‘an mo’ or ‘tui na’ – has been proven…

Ancestral Healing
Massage Lomi Lomi: Traditional & Modern

Lomi lomi is considered to be a Hawaiian healing massage that gives nurturing and loving touch.

Some people find out abo…

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Balinese massage style and techniques

One of the largest attractions when vacationing on the island of Bali is to try one of the ‘Island of the Gods’ natural spa treatments. The most common of these is the traditional Balinese massage.

So, what makes traditional Balinese massage so u…

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Learn About the Benefits of Chinese Massage

Practitioners have developed and refined

Traditional Medicine
Chinese Symbols for a Happy Home

The Eight Auspicious Buddhist Objects:

If you wish to insure complete good fortune to all your household, you may want to display all eight auspicious objects together to seal your intent for good times and good fortune for your home and all who …

Chinese Mythology
Dao Flow Yoga for Fertility

Dao Flow Yoga for women’s health and fertility is a practice that I developed to help boost the whole menstrual cycle by doing very specific yoga practices that act directly on the Chinese medicine fertility acupuncture meridians. Dao Flow also works b…

Chinese Astrology
Short history of the Chinese term for ‘nerve’

The following is a syndicated post from the blog “Aowen Chinese Medicine 奧文中醫: Chinese medicine in words and pictures,” by Nicolaas Herman Oving (practitioner, translator, and educator in the field of Chinese Medicine). It originally appeared at http:/…