Lactation Energy Bites for All the New Moms | Mother Rising

Lactation energy bites are a quick and delicious way to get calories and galactagogues in the body of a breastfeeding mom. Galactagogues are substances that increase milk supply and there are three of them in this lactation energy bites recipe!Why Eat Lactation Energy BitesLactation energy bites may help women to increase or maintain their milk supply, but will also keep their energy levels high. The caloric demands of a breastfeeding mother combined with sleep deprivation requires lots of

Twelve Immune System Boosters

Are you looking for some simple ways to increase your immunity this year? Start applying these simple Hippocrates principles today to start achieving better quality health week after week!Get outdoors and into the sun. For twenty to thirty minutes daily, get direct and/or indirect sunlight. The best times are before 9:00 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. in the winter, or after 6:00 p.m. in the summer. Allow the full-spectrum sunlight to enter your eyes by not wearing sunglasses during this time. The
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9 Benefits of Bioresonance Therapy

We all need energy to get us through our hectic modern lives. If you’ve been feeling run down lately, it’s worthwhile considering whether bioresonance therapy can get back on track. To help you make up your mind, here are nine benefits of bioresonance therapy.Instant energy boosterModern medicine provides a lot of options to help you feel better, but it doesn’t provide a lot of options for you to truly feel better in the long term. Bioresonance therapy is an instant energy booster that corrects
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Wellness in the Workplace: Turn Your Desk into a Sacred Space

As wellness permeates more and more aspects of our lives, it’s time to turn to the office and make the workplace more supportive of our overall health and well-being. For those times when your busy, stressful professional life is taking a toll on your mental or physical health, or the negative energy from a coworker is draining you, your desk can be your sacred space where you can seek refuge from the hardships of your job. Not to mention the effect that all of the tech devices in the office
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The Easiest Way to Eat More Raw Foods

There is just something about eating your food…with your hands. For the raw foods enthusiast, those new to the lifestyle, or for those needing a healthy meal on the run, these wraps will have you incorporating more nutrient dense foods daily.GREEN WRAP BASICSA wrap is a combination of food in which there is typically an outside “shell” and a semi-damp inside combination of ingredients. The shell— in this case a green leaf of some kind—acts as a carrier for consuming the inner ingredients, just
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The Loving Energy Sekhem explained

What is Sekhem?Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian form of healing. References to it have been discovered in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in ancient scrolls. It was taught as part of spiritual practices in the temples of ancient Egypt and is associated with the lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, who is believed to be the guardian and protector of this energy. As well as being the Patroness of War, she is also considered to be the Goddess of Regeneration and Healing. Sekhmet helps us break down which
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Taoist Sexual Practices

In the ancient Taoist tree of practices with branches such as acupuncture, herbology, massage, five element nutrition, qi gong, tai chi, feng shui, I Ching and meditation, the practices dealing with the sexual energy occupy a prominent place.In ancient China Taoist masters were well known for their specialized knowledge on sexual matters. Emperors and Empresses would consult in secret Taoist masters for learning the essentials of sexual practice. This would be done not only for enhancing sexual
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Shape Power & Sacred Geometry Energy

“When one understands that Aether, being the basic substrate of the universe, can be interfered with to such a degree as to produce all manner of energy and matter aggregations, it follows that everything is a result of Aether Engineering to various degrees.” – Jerry W. DeckerScientist, Dan Davidson, states that his 35 years of research have led him to the conclusion that the existence of aether (subtle energy) is an undeniable reality. In his work, he describes the aether as an all-pervasive
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