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Holistic Birth
Cesarean Section – What You Need To Know

Cesarean Section: What to Expect

If you are giving birth by cesarean section, whether planned or not, the process will start in an operating room, where you will usually receive spinal or epidural anesthesia to make you completely numb below the …

Natural Birth
Recovering after giving birth

In the hours and days after giving birth, your body will undergo enormous physical changes. This article describes some of what you may experience.


Nearly all women experience some kind of body soreness after labor and birth. Back …

A Treasure Trove of Power Within You.

You may have heard people say, "If you believe it, you can do it." 

This truism is popular because of the power of your own subconscious mind. 

A belief can light a fire under us and enable us to do things that we …

Natural Birth
Giving birth – personal story

The active phase of labor is complete when your cervix is open wide enough to accommodate the baby’s head (about ten centimeters, or four inches) or there is full or complete dilation. Around this time, you will likely feel a strong urge to begin pushi…

Therapeutic touch
When Lovers Touch, Labor Pain Wanes – It’s Remarkable | Mothe...

I’m not sure I would have read an article called “When Lovers Touch Labor Pain Wanes” when I was pregnant with any of my children. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to learn better ways to cope with an upcoming labor. It was that I didn’t want to illuminate…

Third Stage of Labor – The Most Taboo Part of Childbirth | Mo...

The third stage of labor is everything that happens after the baby is born, the part of childbirth that doesn’t make it to the movies. The delivery of the placenta, the most taboo part of childbirth, encompasses the third stage of labor.


Holistic Parenting
What Holistic Therapies and Practices Help with Anxiety and D...

Latest research has found that around half of the people who suffer from anxiety and depression use some type of holistic therapy to assist with their symptoms.

Part of the reason people might be attracted to integrative care for depression or an…

Conscious Conception: Nurturing Your Grandkids' Generation

Jocelyn Gordon is the creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga. Catch her at Wanderlust Snowshoe, Wanderlust Stratton, Wanderlust Squaw Valley (look out for Jocelyn’s Conscious Conception Circle at Squaw), and the Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Brookl…

Holistic Science
Holistic Science: a participatory science of qualities

Holistic Science: a participatory science of qualities

An excerpt from ‘Exploring Participation’ (D.C.Wahl, 2002)

“The assumption is that our feelings in response to natural processes are not arbitrary but can be used as reliable indicators…

Holistic Therapies
Rebirthing Therapy: Safety, Technique, Bans, and More

What is rebirthing? Rebirthing is an