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How Artificial Intelligence Is Making The Shift From System To Ecosystem – Innovation Excellence

When IBM first presented its Watson system on the game show Jeopardy! in 2011, it was like something out of science fic...

What is Coaching?

Coaching has been defined in many ways. The essence of coaching is:

To help a person change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go.

Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming w...

Emotional Granularity Saved My Marriage

Emotional Granularity Saved My Marriage

Learning to articulate a wider range of emotions can lead to better control and relationships

When our 16-month-old stopped sleeping through the night, my marriage became a battlegro...

Leadership Coaching: 11 Focus Areas, Plus Coaching Questions

It's never been a more exciting time to be a leader! Virtual and remote working is now common, and calls on all professionals to boost their leadership capability whether they're in a formal leadership role or not. All this means Lead...

The 5 Essential Steps to Developing Soft Skills in the Workplace

The planet’s spinning with change and chatbots, and businesses are reacting by creating the soft skills that will keep them up to date. The best thing is, it’s functioning! Workers with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are better perf...

We consider artifical intelligence as a catalyst for new jobs

Artificial intelligence ... creates jobs? I admit it is far more usual to hear apocalyptic predictions that AI will destroy jobs. Is that true?

Robots, we are told, are going to take over the world, taking away most jobs as we k...

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