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Instructions for the Hacker's Diet

Are you tired of dieting? Eating less calories than you burn on a daily basis is a difficult thing to learn, so the best way to lose weight is quickly and efficiently so you never need to do it again. Why not lose weight with two very efficient tools –…

Weight Watchers Diet
7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism?

7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism? What can you tell me about a supplement called 7-Keto, sometimes 7-Keto DHEA? Is it really safe and effective for weight loss as advertised? Do you recommend it? If so, who should take it?

The supplement 7-…

Are christensenella bacteria the secret to weight loss? — Lip...

Christensenella: the slimming bacteria

It is now well known that gut bacteria influence our body weight and that faecal transplants can turn lean individuals into obese or vice versa can save them from, otherwise, incurable obesity.


Tongue Patch Diet
Oh, No, The Tongue Patch Diet

One of my favorite sayings is, “You can’t see the picture when you’re inside the frame.” It means that sometimes you need distance and objectivity to see yourself clearly and realistically. Nowhere is this more true than in an obsession with losing wei…

Weight control Diets
The Sonoma Diet

Named after the lush wine country region in California, the Sonoma Diet was created by Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD, a registered dietitian. The plan stresses portion control and healthy eating for weight loss and promises a smaller waist and improved hea…

Weight Watchers Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

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Healthline Diet Score: 4 out of 5 Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight-loss programs in the world. Millions of people have joined it ho…

Other Diets
What Is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

The cabbage soup diet is a diet that makes its followers to eat cabbage soup a few times a day for one week. On the diet, you can as well consume a few other low-calorie foods—like any fruit (but not bananas), be…

A Hormone to Promote Weight Loss?

A Hormone to Promote Weight Loss? I have heard that the hormone leptin can increase metabolism and reduce fat. Is this true and is it safe to take?

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells that appears to play a role in how fat is burned in the …

Weight Watchers Diet
The Only Crash Diet to Consider If You Must Lose Weight Fast

The Only Crash Diet to Consider If You Must Lose Weight Fast

You want to lose weight fast—is it possible to crash diet safely? Dietitian Christy Brissette reveals how you can without harming your metabolism.

Load up on non-starchy veggies M…

Weight control Diets
20 Foods Making You Gain Weight

No single food in isolation of everything else you eat is going to make you gain (or lose!) weight. But often, the same barrier stumps so many people when it comes to

Grapefruit Diet
The Grapefruit Diet Review: Pros and Cons

What Is It?

The grapefruit…

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community

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