What is a Dream? Answers to Dream Meaning on

Of course, our search for clarity and meaning of dreams is made more profound if we consider the magical potential of dreams. Looking at dreams as a source of inspiration and sacred wisdom can open up a broad variety of learning. Too, this type of learning is unconventional and as such, it can offer unique solutions.At their simplest, the meaning of dreams can serve as a recording of what we are experiencing in our daily life. This recording can be played back (in the form of recalling dreams

World Heart Day: Saving lives with CPR

To celebrate World Heart Day, we take a look at studies of CPR registered at the ISRCTN registry .© spkphotostock / stock.adobe.comCardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving medical procedure given to patients in cardiac arrest. It involves pressing down rhythmically on the chest (compressions) to help pump blood around the body and giving a series of rescue breaths. To celebrate the World Heart Federation’s World Heart Day on 29 September, we take a look at studies of CPR registered
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Humanity MKII: Why The Future of Humanity will be as Purposeless as the Past

The next great stage of our evolution has begun. But what will our successes look like – and will they be that different to us?“In the 21st century,” Yuval Noah Harari writes, “the next big project of humankind will be to acquire for us the divine powers of creation and destruction, and upgrade Homo sapiens into Homo deus.” According to the bestselling Israeli historian, humankind will turn itself into God by using three new types of engineering. Bio-engineers will “take the old sapiens body
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Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species

A new study presented to the Royal Society meeting on ancient DNA in London last week has revealed a dramatic finding – the genome of one of our ancient ancestors, the Denisovans, contains a segment of DNA that seems to have come from another species that is currently unknown to science. The discovery suggests that there was rampant interbreeding between ancient human species in Europe and Asia more than 30,000 years ago. But, far more significant was the finding that they also mated with a
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