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Secrets of Tantra

Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium

This book contains a treasure trove of information and interesting insights. It also contains astonishing pictures of archaic Tantra paintings and sculptures, unique quotes from Tantra scri…

Sexual Health
Can you avoid pregnancy with certain sex positions?

Do Certain Sex Positions Avoid or Cause Pregnancy?

Sorry in advance to all you hopefuls out there. While it may be fun t…

Nishi Shiki
What is the Nishi System

The Nishi System is a methodology for the maintenance and recovery of good health that was first introduced in 1927 by Katsuzo Nishi, who at the time was the chief technical engineer for Japan’s first subway project, the Tokyo subway.

From childh…

Colon hydrotherapy
Colon Cleansing – Is it safe?

Is colon cleansing an effective way to get rid of toxins from your body? 

Holistic Lifestyle
Critical College Complaints

Major college complaints among new college students include mental health issues and physical health concerns. Here are some tips to promote college student health all year long.

The first year of school is tough for everyone and college is no ex…

32 Best Mental Health Books for Increasing Your Well-Being

They say, ‘health is not just about what we eat. It is also about what we think, say, and do.’

Mental health forms a significant part of our overall well-being and encompasses parts of emotional health, psychological health, and social awareness.…

3 Health Benefits of Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy involves treating health problems by bathing, usually in hot springs and other naturally mineral-rich waters. Long practiced in alternative medicine systems all over the world, balneotherapy is often offered at spa, wellness centers, and …

Holistic Therapies
Why You Should Discuss Vaginal & Sexual Health With Your Doctor

People can be very shy about their vaginas. Whatever your reasons for that might be, there's one person you should totally not feel shy about discussing your vagina with at all. And that's your doctor.

Yet according to a new study, nearly two-thi…

Health Psychology
3 Ways You Can Biohack Safely, According To Molly Maloof, M.D.

These days, it's not uncommon for people to strive to be more proactive about their health and prevent diseases before even the preliminary signs of an illness arise. Molly Maloof, M.D., a personalized medicine physician and one of our speakers at this…

Lifestyle and Behaviour
Conscious Conception: Nurturing Your Grandkids' Generation

Jocelyn Gordon is the creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga. Catch her at Wanderlust Snowshoe, Wanderlust Stratton, Wanderlust Squaw Valley (look out for Jocelyn’s Conscious Conception Circle at Squaw), and the Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Brookl…

Traditional Medicine
Unani Medicine Health Benefits and Uses

Unani medicine is a system of

Energy Practices
Taoist Sexual Practices

In the ancient Taoist tree of practices with b…

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