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Space Weather: How The Sun and Magnetic Field Affect Our Health and Behavior

Solar energy and cosmic radiation have electrical influences over a multitude of human activities including human health. Mainstream science has begun to accept these effects, and to investigate the topic in a serious way, but the sci...

Why it's not OK to do space clearing while pregnant

I’m always glad when someone checks with me if it’s OK to do space clearing while pregnant because it definitely is not OK. And it’s not OK while breastfeeding either.

Clutter clear is one of the preparatory steps for space clea...

What's so special about Balinese bells?

Balinese bells are in a class of their own and the best in the world to use for space clearing. This article explains what makes them so unique and special.

When I first began space clearing in 1978, the only piece of equipment ...

Space clearing books

I’m writing a new space clearing book at the moment and a question I keep getting asked is this:

I just purchased your book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, and I see you have stated on your blog how outdated it is. Are yo...

Atmokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Weather


Atmokinesis is the ability to manipulate the weather making it conform to practically any conditions. For this to be done at an optimal standard, prior experience in the powers electrokinesis, hydrokinesis and aerokines...

Wellness in the Workplace: 6 Steps to Turn Your Desk into a Sacred Space

As wellness permeates more and more aspects of our lives, it’s time to turn to the office and make the workplace more supportive of our overall health and well-being. For those times when your busy, stressful professional life is taki...

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