Why it's not OK to do space clearing while pregnant ● Karen Kingston

I’m always glad when someone checks with me if it’s OK to do space clearing while pregnant because it definitely is not OK. And it’s not OK while breastfeeding either.Clutter clear is one of the preparatory steps for space clearing and it’s fine to do that while pregnant or breastfeeding. But it’s not OK to do the whole 21-step space clearing ceremony. This is clearly explained in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, but somehow some people miss this information when they read it, or
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September 26
Balinese bells are in a class of their own and the best in the world to use for space clearing. This article explains what makes them so unique and special.When I first began space clearing in 1978, the only piece of equipment I had was an English school bell that I had won in a raffle. It felt fortuitous at the time but it didn’t take me long to realize that I would need a bell of much better quality than that to do effective space clearing.I lived in England at that time, and not being able
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