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When Dietary Habits Reveal ADHD Symptoms

Food is a fundamental part of life. For that reason, food can definitely tell us something about who we are. You know, we are what we eat and all that.

The fact is that our dietary habits can potentially tell us something about ADHD. At least in …

Islamic Dietary laws
Dietary Reformer Sylvester Graham

On July 5, 1794, American Presbyterian minister and dietary reformer Sylvester Graham was born. Graham is best known for his emphasis on vegetarianism, the temperance movement and his emphasis on eating whole-grain bread; he did not invent graham flour…

Islamic Dietary laws
Low-glycemic foods: Best options and dietary tips

Low-glycemic foods are slower to…

Organic food Diet
Jain Food Restrictions

Why Jains dont eat Potatoes, Onions, Garlic or any underground vegetables ? Why do Jains refrain from eating after daylight ? Why do they drink boiled water ?

These are some of the questions that you always have in mind but dont know whom to ask …

Islamic Dietary laws
Medieval Islamic medicine: Influences, thinkers, and anatomy

In medieval times, Islamic thinkers elaborated the theories of the ancient Greeks and made extensive medical discoveries.

There was a wide-ranging interest in health and disease, and Islamic doctors and scholars wrote extensively, developing comp…

Islamic Dietary laws
Religion and dietary choices

A healthy varied diet is essential for health, growth and development. Many religions include guidance on what is appropriate to eat in order to demonstrate faith.

Data from the 2011 census shows that the five most common religious affiliations a…

Thai Massage
Thai Yoga Massage

Connective Tissue Realignment That Lasts

Thai Medical Massage is also called Thai Yoga Massage, because of the similarity of some thai massage movements to yoga postures. Indeed, many of the positions resemble a practice of yogasanas from the Pat…

Belief-based Diets
A Beautiful Paradox

Paula, I know you would not describe yourself as a dharma teacher, and yet you have deep connections to IMS, don’t you?

Yes, I do have a long and significant history with IMS. I would say I am a teacher and practitioner of peacebuilding, who has …