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Family Issues
6 Signs in the Palms that You attract the Opposite Sex
Taking about the love relationships, many will wish they are charming and welcomed by the opposite sex. And the palms can really sho…
Janet Li
Mindfulness …I AM practicing to be more mindful in my self-communication, Yes, I talk to myself …Have you ever considered that your mind ...
Saloshnee Reddy
Sister Veni Cooper-Mathieson: Pioneer Thinker & Metaphysical Teacher
Australia has a long tradition of self-help literature and much of it was written, in the early years, by colourful characters who embrac...
Article by George Smith
Ambitious Metaphysics – How To Have Better Ideas
Paul Laffoley shifts in his seat.The Palace at Westminster and the London Eye are visible behind him.“My primary concern is how you conne...
Article by George Smith
Combining Healing and Metaphysics Can Yield Effective Results
The term "healing", over time, has come to be misunderstood as a process of "fixing" or "curing" something that is broken, ill, or diseas...
Article by George Smith
Magick and Quantum Physics
Chaos Magick emerged at the end of an era whose Grand Narrative was Science and Progress. However, the ‘weird science’ narrative of Quant...
Demi Powell
At a Time of Zealotry, Spinoza Matters More than Ever
In July 1656, the 23-year-old Bento de Spinoza was excommunicated from the Portuguese-Jewish congregation of Amsterdam. It was the harshe...
Article by George Smith