What Holistic Therapies and Practices Help with Anxiety and Depression?

Latest research has found that around half of the people who suffer from anxiety and depression use some type of holistic therapy to assist with their symptoms. Part of the reason people might be attracted to integrative care for depression or anxiety is

When Can Babies Have Chocolate?

When is the right time to introduce your baby to chocolate? What are the benefits and downsides to giving babies chocolate, and how much should they have? What are some good ways to let babies enjoy chocolate? We’re answering these questions and more in this post.Almost as often as we hear the question “when can babies have sugar?” (for our answer to that, see this blog post), we hear parents wondering when it’s appropriate to introduce chocolate to their babe.And because we’re chocolate lovers
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What Happened When I Started Parenting Without Booze

Drinking robbed me of my ability to clearly understand and feel my kids I have a memory when I asked my very pregnant friend, Molly, if she was going to take drugs during her delivery. She screamed: “Are you joking? Sure I am! Would you have open heart
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Third Stage of Labor – The Most Taboo Part of Childbirth | Mother Rising

The third stage of labor is everything that happens after the baby is born, the part of childbirth that doesn’t make it to the movies. The delivery of the placenta, the most taboo part of childbirth, encompasses the third stage of labor.(Psssttt. There’s a picture of a placenta all the way at the bottom of this post. Check it out!)Third Stage of Labor – The Most Taboo Part of ChildbirthCompared to the rest of labor, the third stage of labor is the shortest and easiest of all the stages. Labor
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