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Specific carbohydrate Diet
The FODMAPs Diet – What is it?

A couple years ago I saw some blog posts popping up about the FODMAPs diet. I didn’t think much of it since I wasn’t looking for any digestive help at the time. Over the past year one of my good friends has been following it with success and it sparked…

Vegan Diet
Tips for Helping Your Family Eat Healthier

Any family knows of the woes that fussy eaters and kids can bring. Often working parents are at their wit's end trying to cater to everyone's preferences; sometimes, health can take a backseat just as long as everyone has eaten. Here are a few handy id…

Quick Q&A with a professional doctor


Q: I have a new infrared sauna that I’ve been using for two weeks. I began at 95 degrees for 10 minutes, and now I’m at 100 degrees for 20 minutes. I have no major health problems, but my blood pressure is around 1…

Healing Herbs
Rosemary Based Recipes

Since rosemary continues to thrive over the winter, growing a lovely rosemary bush is a great way to bring this herb into your world, fresh and daily.

Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb originally and has naturalised over here in the UK.…

Diets followed for medical reasons
An Elemental Primer: Use of Elemental Diets in IBD and IBS

In an article  Dr. Gary Weiner explains the history, use of and possible benefits to utilizing the elemental diet for IBS and IBD. This is part of our in depth series of posts on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and…

Force Field
Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT) is an energy-based form of psychotherapy designed to reduce symptoms of psychological distress by manipulating how energy flows in the body. TFT is based on the premise that bodies consist of energy fields and that imbalanc…

Feelgood Techniques
What is Psychodynamic Therapy? 5 Tools & Techniques

“How does that make you feel?”

This question is probably quite familiar to you. It is the question most often used in pop culture to indicate or reference therapy. It is also the hallmark of psychodynamic therapy.

Ironically, this phrase th…

Gluten-free Diet
A balanced look at gluten sensitivity

The Monash paper,1 which was previously discussed on SBM, suggested that it might be the fructans in wheat and not gluten that is responsible for symptoms in IBS sufferers who feel better on a gluten-free diet. Fructans belong to a group of short-chain…

Gluten-free Diet
Traveling while gluten free: a survival guide

While eating dessert in Finikas, a tiny town on Syros in Greece, I realized that I might have made a terrible mistake. I didn’t speak Greek but I had presented the restaurant’s owner with a celiac translation card in his native tongue. Through limited …

International study shows the trend of going gluten-free is g...

Australians are eating less grain — and farmers should be concerned about it.

Consumption of grains in Australia dipped after the Atkins Diet became popular in the 1990s, but stabilised until 2009, when the amount of grain eaten fell again. The …

Healthy Remedies
How to Follow the DASH Diet

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It’s been studied extensively and is useful for people who need to watch their blood pressure. But even if you don’t have high blood pressure, it’s still an excellent way to eat a healthy diet.<…

What’s the big deal with gluten? — William D. Chey

If you've been to a restaurant in the last few years, you’ve likely seen the words gluten-free written somewhere on the menu.

But what exactly is gluten, and why can’t some people process it?

And why does it only seem to be a problem rece…

Healthy Remedies
What is Keto Diet? A Beginner's Guide to The Super Diet for W...

Contrary to general dietary recommendations which have proven to be false, the ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet. It's a diet that causes ketones to be produced by the liver, shifting the body's metabolism a…

Gluten-free Vegan Living — A Complete Guide for Beginners

I was the ‘gluten-free’ girl in the class, the one with the ‘special’ diet. Growing up as a coeliac in the early 90s was certainly a way to build a resistance to being different from my peers. My diet was unlike anyone’s around me and, through enduring…

Nutritional Therapy
50 Play Therapy Techniques, Toys and Certification Opportunities

Play therapy is a type of therapy that, as the name suggests, involves playing. It has been around for a long time, even in an academic context.

Recently, play therapy has been refined and targeted to a variety of different disorders, from autism…

Vitamins and Minerals
How Ketogenic Diet Helps You Lose Weight and Fight Disease

A review published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health states “One of the mos…

A Terrifying Reason Why Everybody Should Avoid Gluten

Here we go again with glyphosate, that ubiquitous toxin used as Round Up’s primary ingredient. It’s infamous for the ability to kill weeds, along with all those beneficial mic…

DASH diet may lower stroke risk

Following a diet designed to lower your blood pressure may also reduce your odds of having a stroke, according to a study in the April issue of the journal Stroke.

The study relied on data from diet questionnaires from more than 74,400 people age…

Who Are Medical Intuitives?

A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body. A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the insides (organs, glands, blood, etc.) of our bodies.

How a Medical Intuiti…

Weight control Diets
Do Liquid Diets Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight with minimal effort sounds like a win-win situation. But are liquid diets too good to be true?

What Are Liquid Diets? Like the name suggests, liquid diets mean you're getting all, or at least most, of your calories from drinks. Some…

Diets followed for medical reasons
The Differences Between a Spa Massage and a Medical Massage |

You may have found yourself wondering how a massage differs when administered at a spa versus in a clinical setting. After all, they both involve someone applying pressure to your body, right? Well, although they do share that similarity, there are man…

Holistic Therapies
Who Are Real Shamans

Every person on this planet can develop a great relationship with their own Spirit. In fact, one can find the connection with their inner healer and heal oneself spiritually and emotionally. It is not an easy thing to do but the road to this discovery …

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
MDMA therapy shows promise in treating alcohol misuse

Preliminary study indicates that the drug outperforms conventional therapies in preventing relapse. We talk to Dr Ben Sessa, adolescent and adult addictions psychiatrist at Imperial College London and the University of Bristol.


Group Therapy
9 Benefits of Bioresonance Therapy

We all need energy to get us through our hecti…

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