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Tantra Massage
Tantra Essence with Ma Ananda Sarita & her kaula team

Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium

This book contains a treasure trove of information and interesting insights. It also contains astonishing pictures of archaic Tantra paintings and sculptures, unique quotes from Tantra scri…

Tantra Massage
Why We Focus on the Feminine in Tantra

There are two main focuses in tantra at a foundational level. First, the integration of divinity into our physical life and second, the merging of the masculine and feminine to bring us back to unity and bliss. Everything that we experience in the tant…

Tantra Is Not Hedonism

This is truly a tantric teaching – to release all of our fears and beliefs that limit us so that we can live our true life. So that the beliefs of our parents and the culture we were raised in don’t put blinders on us and we miss out on what we are rea…

Tantra Massage
Tantra is a Bridge to a New Way of Loving

Tantra is a bridge between the old way of loving to a new possibility. It is a possibility that we have had glimpses of or maybe what we have just imagined was possible. Kindness and loving intimacy all day long. Lovemaking that was not only totally sa…

Tantra Massage
What is Tantra Yoga? A Guide to Tantric Yoga

If the word Tantra conjures up scenes of sexuality, you’re not alone. The introduction of Tantric practices in the West has inadvertently become identified with a practice that’s laced with nudity, sexuality, and occasionally, promiscuity.

Esoteric & Occult
Sophia Returning: The Path to Planetary Tantra

Two thousand years ago the pagan religion of Gnosticism was one of the world's largest religious belief systems. Their deep reverence for the earth in all its wonder and beauty can offer us new insight into the power of the earth as a vital living bein…