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Theta Healing
ThetaHealing® what is that?
ThetaHealing®.What is that?It is an important natural and innate healing method.However, while we are all capable of it by nature, it has been defined in a s...
Anna Ramazzotti
Use Your Introvert Superpower to Mindfully Connect and Navigate this Crisis
The world has  undoubtedly changed dramatically over the last year. Life as we know it has shifted towards… well, something else. Some people have found it e...
Teodora Iulia Paucean
Viruses & Epidemic
Pandemics: Past, Present, and Future
A pandemic is an outbreak of global proportions. It happens when a bacterium or novel virus becomes capable of spreading rapidly.It causes serious illness an...
Demi Powell
Self Help
How to change your life in 10 steps
A lot of people wish for personal transformation not knowing how to jump-start such a major change in their lives. They generally waste energy on false start...
Demi Powell
Removing doubt about our life purpose
Sometimes we have doubt about our life purpose. We have an idea, we get inspired but then come to a sudden screeching halt. A certain voice kicks in. Our inn...
Article by George Smith
Scarification Has A Deep History, but Modern Artists Are Bringing It Back
Scarification is a procedure of making your skin covered with patterns, symbols, and images (like tattoos) by leaving scars on it using various technics such...
Mary Miller
Business Ethics
Rise of the Post Menopausal Leader
Spring 2020 and Covid-19 lock-down has been the time when many of us have found ourselves living a different ‘normal’. But it has also given us space to slow...
Pamela Bailey
Group Behaviour
What is Group Behavior?
People are social creatures and subsequently, structure bunches any place they are. This is valid for associations just as familial and fellowship networks w...
Mary Miller
Group Mind
What Is Groupthink?
Mindless compliance is a mental marvel where individuals take a stab at agreement inside a gathering. Much of the time, individuals will put aside their very...
Kori Miller
Collective Effervescence
Shira Gabriel's introduction about aggregate fizz at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology meeting
Suppose you as of late walked with 3.2 million individuals, praised a 108-year sit tight for a World Series, or raved profoundly into the evening. The infect...
Mary Miller
Phoenix rising from the Ashes (Reborn & Rebirth)
Everyone has their own preference or likings. Not because someone is not attracted to you or doesn’t like you means there’s something wrong or not right with...
Hasyb Malyk Muqaddar
Arguments against dualism
As we have seen from our perusing of Descartes' Meditations, there is, in any event, one amazing contention for dualism. Be that as it may, the view likewise...
Mary Miller
About Religious Dualism
The holy and the profane Among the different topics of strict dualism, the resistance among consecrated and profane is additionally significant. This differe...
Mary Miller
Abilene Paradox
Abilene Paradox definition
The Abilene Paradox alludes to a circumstance when a gathering settles on an aggregate choice that is counter to the contemplations and sensations of its ind...
Kori Miller
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable agriculture
Outline Steadily undeniable degrees of appetite and unhealthiness – 793 million (2015) constantly hungry individuals on the planet in 2014–2016 – and unreaso...
Mary Miller
Conspiracy Theories
People are into Conspiracy Theories
Is Coronavirus brought about by the 5G telephone organization or the result of a mystery Chinese bioweapons program? No. There is no proof that both of these...
Mary Miller
Oracle Cards
What to Expect During Your First Oracle Card Reading
If you haven’t had an oracle card reading before, but you’re tempted to try, it might make you more comfortable to know what you can expect.
Wendy Miller
Finding Your Life Purpose
What is a life purpose? I am certain that each and every one of us has a unique path in life, a unique way of being, that, once you allow yourself to step in...
Article by George Smith
"No hay patente. ¿Acaso se puede patentar el sol?"
La poliomielitis o polio es una enfermedad viral sumamente contagiosa, que afecta a la médula espinal causando debilidad muscular y parálisis. El virus de la...
Sandra Arteaga
Transforming Your Life
Transforming Your Life by Reãudan, Roberta LoweryAre you trapped stagnated in the same old same old?Are you allowing transformation to take place in your lif...
Reãudan Lowery
S.M.A.R.T Goals - Well Formed Outcomes
Well Formed Outcomes need a plan...and when we take the time to review the plan from every perspective, we can be assured we have   something we can use! SMA...
NLP & Hypnotherapy Licensed Training
Natal Astrology
When Neptune Square Venus Can Lead To Gift Money
I was reading a book on astrology when the topic of transits came up. For some reason, I thought about a time in 2018 when I got som…
Isabella Vien
Genetic Testing: Pros and Cons
While there are advantages to hereditary testing, it's imperative to remember that there are additionally impediments. A positive outcome from disease heredi...
Charly Morres
What Exactly Is Zeitgeist?
The word zeitgeist has recently come to be related to a development and philosophy related with a dismissal of corporatism and globalization, and a re-visita...
Alex Jones