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Social Psychology
Crisis •  Is it real?
- CRISIS -.Sharing with you a text that I really like on the subject of the Crisis, I take the opportunity to  feed the famous two birds with one fruit (I am...
Anna Ramazzotti
Career Coaching
It's about who you are simultaneous
"It's about who you are simultaneous," is a mantra I heard a few times from Mary Lee Gannon, CEO of a $24 million medical services establishment and a guaran...
Kori Miller
Statistics In Medicine
Statistics is the science that sets out the issues of collecting, processing the information obtained in statistical data and comparing them.In this article...
Karol Mathews
Self Help
Can't get successful? Here is what stops you
If you are feeling stuck, barred from success—from achieving the life that you know you deserve— let me first assure you that the universe has not conspired ...
Demi Powell
Machine Ethics
Machine Ethics and Human Ethics: A Critical View
Dynamic The fast changes in the connection among people and machines prove a reformist assignment of some human exercises to machines. Among those, there are...
Lily Nevin
Human Spirit
Why it's time to be feminine in leadership
Women are starting to reclaim leadership as their rightful place as they rise to the top.For hundreds of years women have been using masculine energies to le...
Louise Hallam
How To Manifest Money, Job, Business 0pportunities, Freelancing Opportunities
Present Results Are The Manifestation Of  Past Thinking. Hola Amigos,I have written near about four articles and this is my fifth one. I am practicing hypnot...
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
Free Writing
Why Freewriting is good for you
Sometimes, as a teacher, I’ll ask my students to take out a sheet of paper and begin to write.I’ll typically give them a word or a prompt at the beginning, b...
Demi Powell