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Teeth Blackening
Ohaguro: The Beauty of Blackened Teeth in Old Japan
In the modern culture of worldwide beauty standards, people are dying to have as white teeth as possible. Like snow. Even better. But what if centuries ago t...
Mary Miller
What is Health Research? | Cancer Council NSW
For what reason is wellbeing research significant? What we think about malignant growth changes after some time as more exploration is finished. Wellbeing re...
Cha Yang
The Five Foundations of Intuitive Ethics
We attempted to recognize the full scope of wonders across societies that would be clarified by any sufficient hypothesis of human profound quality. We disti...
Mary Miller
Transforming Limiting Beliefs
Throughout our life we accumulate beliefs about ourselves. Some are uplifting and inspiring. And others simply don't serve us. They only bring us pain and we...
Article by George Smith
Inner Child Healing
How To Empower Your Inner Child
How To Empower Your Inner Child To Empower The Adult You
Eileen Burns
An Honest Review Of Zeitgeist: The Movie
Present Tense: Davin O'Dwyer Who doesn't adore a decent paranoid fear? The majority of us, obviously, incline toward our tricks to be completely anecdotal. A...
Kori Miller
Feel the Fear and Do It anyway
“Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan JeffersThis book was recommended to me 30 years ago and I still practice its teaching today.I’ve learned over the time...
Cécile Franckinioulle
Which kind of function does the half-moon marks of five fingers correspond to?
Since the nail is the exchange area of the Yin energy channel and the Yang energy channel, the area of the half-moon has plenty of v…
Janet Li
Are you among the captives, Jesus came to set free? I believe one or the other we all ARE!!
Every time I preach from Luke 4:18, I emphasize on the issue of setting the captives free. This is because every other Preacher stresses everything else.Jesu...
Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana
You can still find your way back to Jesus after getting lost in occultism
People of God how are you? When we sin we believe that we have erred on our own but we forget that sin actually glorify Satan just as works of faith and love...
Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana
*You need a personal relationship with Jesus to prevail against, Lucifer the enemy of all mankind.*
Some churches never preach on deliverance, neither do they practice it at all.They live in harmony with evil spirits at their local assemblies.We are told ab...
Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana
Are You Going Through a Spiritual Transformation?
At this time in humanity’s development many people are experiencing dislocation and confusion about their roles in society, their family and even themselves....
Article by George Smith