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Channeled poem from the inner luminary
My love, you seem so distant. It breaks my heart to see you so empty,Does your heart sing as mine does but in silence so no o…
What are the attachment styles and what can they tell us about ourselves?
The attachment style reflects the way a human being forms and maintains relationships with those around him/her. The attachment style theory was formulated b...
Teodora Iulia Paucean
Self Help
What to do if you were rejected
From promotions to relationships, no one likes getting rejected. The idea of being denied something you not only wanted, but strove for can be truly
Demi Powell
Self Help
Integration of Intense Emotions
For those that may be struggling today, a reminder from the soul:Instead of looking at emotions as something to shift, feel them as a part of who you truly a...
James Anthony Curtis
Human Spirit
The Condition Of Being Unloving Is Love's Demonstration That Love Is Unconditional And That Is Our Shared Being/Self...Love Is!
Perhaps the conditions placed upon love, such as any idea that appears to imply "this isn't love" is a revelation that love is unconditional? That no matter ...
Gregory Miller
Family Psychology
Staying friends with your ex
Pretty much everyone agrees that breakups are rough. They’re an upending of normalcy, of stability. They force you to re-evaluate yourself and who you are in...
Demi Powell
Other Divinations
Cartomancy: Fortune Telling and Divination With Playing Cards
Have you ever heard the old saying “it’s all in the
Demi Powell