An Old Problem in Indian Medical History Revised

Original guest post by Kenneth Zysk (University of Copenhagen)I this paper I should like to revisit a problem in the history of Indian medicine, which is yet to find a satisfactory resolution. The issue centres on when and where Āyurveda came into existence and from where all or part of it could have derived, in a word, the origins of Āyurveda.The Origins of ĀyurvedaAt the core of classical Āyurveda stands the aetiological theory of the three doṣas (tridoṣa), broadly defined as defilements of

The Differences Between a Spa Massage and a Medical Massage |

You may have found yourself wondering how a massage differs when administered at a spa versus in a clinical setting. After all, they both involve someone applying pressure to your body, right? Well, although they do share that similarity, there are many important distinctions between the two. It’s also essential to understand those differences for your own health and wellbeing.As you might have guessed, the key differences are mostly in the purpose of the massage, but also the reasons that a
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Medical Concerns: Top 5 Gravest Medical Conditions Back Then

Excruciating, painful, even up to a point that you would think it is sheer torture. That’s how it was to be on the operating table during the Middle Ages.Back in the days when painkillers and anesthetics were non-existent, how do ‘doctors’ remove an appendix or remove an aching tooth? And what is it that exactly occurred during this period in human history?Basically, the Middle Ages in European history lasted for about one thousand years, starting from the fall of the Western Roman Empire
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