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Feng Shui
Feng Shui and the Bagua
The term ''Bagua'' refers to 8 symbols known as the 8 Trigrams which are made up of sequences of three lines (solid and/or broken) p…
Derelle Ball
Dynamic meditation
40 Days Meditating To Create Self Love
I decided to practice this meditation for 40 days in conjunction with the Kriya To Make You Beautifully Enchanting.During those forty days, I noticed a trans...
Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Deep Social Mind
The social brain: allowing humans to boldly go where no other species has been
Dynamic The natural premise of complex human social association and correspondence has been enlightened through a meeting up of different strategies and cont...
Lily Nevin
Aries - Everything Else You Need To Know
Aries Traits And Everything Else You Need To KnowAries is the first sign of the zodiac and leads us into a new astrological year, and with the Aries "I am" a...
Her Luxury Wellness
Virtue Ethics
Virtue Ethics and an Ethics of Care: Complementary or in Conflict?
Dynamic This paper thoroughly analyzes excellence morals and care morals to decide their shared connection. It is contended that there is one convention insi...
Noah Allford
Metatronia Therapy
Releasing Your Fragilities – Rebirthing into Source
We all have our fragilities. It is part of the “human experience”. To be able to trust someone enough to show them your fragility is nothing to be ashamed of...
Tammy Majchrzak
Creating Presence
Dr. Sandra Bloom presents Making PRESENCE Assisting associations with turning out to be injury educated, injury responsive, and injury strong! Changing your ...
Noah Allford
Medical Astrology
How Does The Moon Affect The Body?
How Does The Moon Affect The Body?In Ancient civilisations, the Moon and the Moon's phases had a deep connection to our body, health and our relationship wit...
Her Luxury Wellness
Drinking enough water, or remaining hydrated is the main principle of wellbeing and sustenance. Our bodies can evidently be a week without food but only a co...
Karol Mathews
Ethics of Technology
Technology and the Extension of Human Capabilities
1. Presentation There is a pressure in numerous conversations of innovation concerning the distinction between specialized items and different relics. From o...
Lily Nevin
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture
Farming frequently puts huge tension on regular assets and the climate. Economical agrarian practices are planned to secure the climate, extend the Earth's c...
Mary Miller
Earth science
Climate scientists Michael Mann’s “New Climate War” exposes climate change “intactivists” tactics
Mann is a veteran of the climate wars of the 1990s and early 2000s, when evidence was criticized that the climate is changing due to anthropogenic greenhous...
Kori Miller
Social practices, rituals and festive events
Social practices, ceremonies and bubbly occasions are routine exercises that structure the existences of networks and gatherings and that are shared by and a...
John Volter
A guide for the water ski buyers
Buying water skis It is easy to be surprised or even intimidated when learning all the technical aspects of slalom ski construction, so that’s why this guide...
Lily Nevin
A Quick Look At The History of Snowboarding
- Mid-1960s: a surfer named Sherman Poppen constructed a surfboard for the snow called a "Snurfer." It was before long way to business creation. Between 1965...
Karol Mathews
What is Reiki
Whenever an attempt is made to explain Reiki, a number of difficulties arise. Reiki is a Japanese method that is nourished by its oriental, spiritual roots. ...
Jordi Ibern Novell
Dynamic meditation
Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas
Posture and Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax the elbows down by the sides, and bring the forearms straigh…
Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Health & Wellness
Chakra Healing
I talk about chakras and energy and balancing and healing often, but what does that really mean?Chakras are energy centers that sit along the spine. In Sansk...
Jess kannel
Western Astrology
Pisces - Everything You Need To Know About
PiscesEverything you need to know about Pisces The Pisces Zodiac Sign is the sign that is truly loved, and the people who can have a hard time feeling truly ...
Her Luxury Wellness
Spiritual Healing
Connecting with the Universe: Tap Into Your Spirituality and Witness Your Life Take a Turn for the Better – Start Living the Life of Your Dreams Today!All yo...
Abed Shiimi
Human Spirit
Mediumship Practice
The best way to start any spiritual practice is by developing a consistent meditation practice, and becoming aware of your own energy.As we begin to sit dail...
Kyler Dalton
Emotional Freedom Technique
TOP-5 CORE SPIRIT BEST practitioners, February 2021
We score our practitioners according to their activity: including published articles, added services and events for #corespirit. The best (most active) pract...
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Shamanic Healing
The Shaman and Illness
THE SHAMAN AND ILLNESS©Norman W. Wilson, PhD.The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of the human being are all within the purview of a practic...
Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.
Darts: Games and Their Rules
Dissimilar to numerous conventional bar games, Darts has gotten well known enough to be coordinated by enormous overseeing bodies. S…
Alexis Suarez