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Philosophy of Mind
The Grey Space We Fail to See...

    Some people underestimate spirituality or see it as a trend, but as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said: “We are not human…

Zazen Meditation
Zazen meditations – general overview

Practicing the Breath

Begin rocking the body back and forth, slowly, in decreasing arcs, until you settle at your center of gravity. The mind is in the hara, hands are folded in the cosmic mudra, mouth is closed, tongue pressed on the upper palat…

Dynamic meditation
Steps to finding inner peace

“What I do is sort of like dynamic meditation. I confront the useless beliefs and ideas you cling to, in a way that you’ll react. After you’ve gotten all your pent-up emotions out, then you’re more open to what I have to say.”

I was on the receiv…

Self Help
10 Things That Help Me Get My Head Outta My...

     I felt so tangled up in emotions the first week my family moved to Charleston, South Carolina from my hometown of Orlando, Florida. I was functioning in a permanent state of “fight of flight!” Even though I was totally aware of it, …

Spiritual Healing
Sliding Into 2021 on Sweat, Snot and Tears!

     Taking into consideration that I was a wee-bit over tired getting up at 2:30am with a puppy every morning as a factor and my nerves being raw, this holiday season has proven to have been a highly emotional mix! For me, like so many …


Sometimes the simplest thing can be one of the hardest yet also the most effective things to do for yourself and others.

The first piece of homework I give to my Adult Education Students who come on my Tool Box for Managing Anxiety Cou…

How patterns from nature can help your mental health

Humans are visual creatures. Objects we call "beautiful" or "aesthetic" are a crucial part of our humanity. Even the oldest known examples of rock and cave a…

Near-Death Experiences (NDE)
Recorded Facts of Meditation Masters Dissolving into Light

This is a professional&nb…

Career Coaching
Start living in the moment by using this ancient practice

The idea of attempting to concentrate on one object at a time can look impossible for some of us; and actually, it is not possible for some.

With more and more people being diagnosed with attention deficit disorders, busy demands on their lives a…

Ancient practices to improve your concentration

Concentration is the technique where a person can focus on one particular thing by mental effort and undisturbed mind. The art of concentration is the way to help the mind to be able to focus. Hindu religion and tradition has been in the forefront of d…

Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation is great for anybody. Here is why

Chakras are the seven main energy centers in your body. In fact, you can actually feel them in your body. They impact and are influenced …

How Can You Feel Sexy When You’re All Stressed Out?

Sure, I know, there’s work, and working out, and eating right, and the economy, and relationship struggles, and, and, and, … and then if you have kids, there’s even more. 

Tips for Coping Stress and Depression during the Holiday Season

Have you been struggling with stress or depression? These have become so common nowadays and may ruin your holidays or affect your health. You can easily overcome this situation by adopting few techniques discussed below that will shed off all your st…

Financial Goals That Reduces Stress

Growing up means taking responsibility for many things. You may find yourself cooking healthy meals and exercising rather than buying take-out and watching TV. But being a financially savvy adult means more than simply paying your bills on t…

Reminisce The Taste Of CBD Coffee With The Goodness OF CBD Fo...

The Coffee shops have jumped into a new trend with CBD Coffee. CBD or cannabidiol which is a legal chemical compound extracted from sativa plants known for its positive effects on health and body.

Healthy Remedies
Your Daily Rituals To Cope With Stress

The issue with "everyday stressors" is they appear daily. Morning traffic, mounting to-do lists, and looming deadlines are common, and possibly even expected occurrences that trigger our nervous system frequently. Stress such as this might become so re…

Sleep, diet, exercise and cutting stress boost brain as you age

Losing cognitive functions are a normal part of aging.

An 80-year-old may not remember as sharply as a 20-year-old, but doctors from South Florida have some advice on how to keep the brain sharp and boast mental capabilities.

From exercise …

Lifestyle and Behaviour
Targeting the mind/body connection in stress

Our ability to cope with stress depends on how efficiently our body and mind regulate their response to it. Poor recovery from extremely stressful encounters can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or even chronic somatic dysfunc…

Hanging Out With Friends in Times of Stress Heals Us by Rewir...

Whether offering us consolation after the death of a loved one or commiseration when our team loses yet again, our social relationships are invaluable for helping us lead happier, less stressful lives. And humans aren’t alone in this respect. The role …

Lifestyle and Behaviour
How to Instantly Calm Yourself in Stressful Situations

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ~Victor Frankl

There’s a big lie we tell ourselves during stressful times.

It keeps us fe…

Mind-Body Unity And The Stress-Disease Connection

Stress is ubiquitous these days — it plays a role in the workplace, in the home, and virtually everywhere that people interact.

It can take a heavy toll unless it is recognized and managed effectively and insightfully.

Western medicine, in …

Lifestyle and Behaviour
How to Keep Work Stress From Taking Over Your Life

Unless you’re a robot, it’s all but impossible to avoid having work stress(don’t worry, robots, your time will come!). But it’s not impossible to avoid taking those feelings home with you at the end of the day. True leisure time, in which anxiety and f…

The Strange Psychology of Stress and Burnout

You shouldn’t underestimate the positive power of having a degree of stress in your life. Identifying the tipping point, where stress turns to burnout, is the key.

As a neonatal nurse, Jennifer Welker learned to thrive under stress.

Rather …

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: What it Is, How it Helps

Mindfulness is Buddhist practice adapted to mental health purposes. The essence of mindfulness practice is focusing on one thing in the moment–each breath you take, each step as you walk, the sights or sounds around you.

Elisha Goldstein, PhD wri…

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