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Structure vs control
I was talking with a good friend of mine today about how much we both like to have control in our day to day lives. I am a very orga…
Gemma Sheppard
How to know if you're actually busy, or you just have a lot on
It was Michael Neill who first raised my awareness to this distinction. Have a read and see what occurs to you.What are we looking at here?A couple of people...
Helen Amery
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
How Yoga Changes Your DNA
Mind-body intervention…
Demi Powell
Master Cleanse
What to do to lower stress and boost productivity
Today marks the first day of my Ease-In to my 10th annual Master Cleanse, with my first starting back in 2005, which was a well documented and epic failure.H...
Demi Powell
Evolutionary Psychology
How to deal with stress and burnout
Here’s a modern paradox: People report that they feel significantly happier outdoors than they do indoors, yet we spend less than 5 percent of our waking hou...
Demi Powell
Holistic Parenting
Compassion Fatigue - Parenting Children with Special Needs
I want to share a story about a hammock. When I would dream of vacations by the sea (I lived far from a warm beach at the time) my vision always included a h...
Heathir Brown
Reiki and stress management for children on the autism spectrum.
From Autism Today: Reiki – This Japanese healing art can make a tremendous difference in the health of your family.
Cress Spicer
Mindfulness meditation
Online Meditation Teacher Training with Master Dev Om
The world needs many meditation masters and there are several dedicated people around the globe who can make into a great meditation master. But not everyone...
Dev OM
How homeopathy can help with prolonged stress
The word ‘stress’ comes into nearly all conversations with patients at any clinic. Usually due to grief, relationship break-ups and pressures at work. Prolon...
Meira Burton
Nutritional Therapy
Research has shown that it is the environment of the body and resulting vitality, or lack of it, that can affect the multiplication of cells (cancer). Our st...
Olianna Gourlis
Emotional Intelligence
This is why you can't stop worrying
Being worried is completely normal – modern life is so busy and fast paced with concerning news constantly appearing in your feed. However, there are people ...
Demi Powell
The Yang of Mindful Self-Compassion: Not Just Warm and Fuzzy Feel Good. but Provide, Protect and Motivate
What do you think – what comes to mind – when I say “mindful self-compassion?” Maybe, like me, you picture someone on a mountaintop in the lotus position, ...
Fausta Luchini
Bowling: A Beginner’s Guide to Rules
SportsmanshipBeing serious on the field is acclaimed and energized in the entirety of our classes! It is addi…
Alexis Suarez
Can Rock Climbing Help With Depression?
A growing body of research suggests that bouldering, a form of rock climbing, can help build muscle and endurance while reducing stress -- and a new study co...
Karonika Evans
Emotional Freedom Technique
Coronavirus Stress Relief Using Emotional Freedom Techniques
Emotional Freedoms Techniques (EFT) is a widely respected, well-researched way to help you end emotional and physical distress and pain. Developed by Gary C...
Deborah Lucero
Philosophy of Mind
The Grey Space We Fail to See...
    Some people underestimate spirituality or see it as a trend, but as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said: “We are not human…
Tymi Howard
Zazen Meditation
Zazen meditations – general overview
Practicing the BreathBegin rocking the body back and forth, slowly, in decreasing arcs, until you settle at your center of gravity. The mind is in the hara, ...
Demi Powell
Dynamic meditation
Steps to finding inner peace
“What I do is sort of like dynamic meditation. I confront the useless beliefs and ideas you cling to, in a way that you’ll react. After you’ve gotten all you...
Demi Powell
Health & Wellness
10 Things That Help Me Get My Head Outta My...
     I felt so tangled up in emotions the first week my family moved to Charleston, South Carolina from my hometown of Orlando, Florida. I was functioning in...
Tymi Howard
Self Help
Sliding Into 2021 on Sweat, Snot and Tears!
     Taking into consideration that I was a wee-bit over tired getting up at 2:30am with a puppy every morning as a factor and my nerves being raw, this holi...
Tymi Howard
Sometimes the simplest thing can be one of the hardest yet also the most effective things to do for yourself and others.The first piece of homework I give to...
Janet Broughton
Emotional Intelligence
How patterns from nature can help your mental health
Humans are visual creatures. Objects we call "beautiful" or "aesthetic" are a crucial part of our humanity. Even the oldest known examples of rock and cave a…
Demi Powell
Recorded Facts of Meditation Masters Dissolving into Light
This is a professional&nb…
Demi Powell
Career Coaching
Start living in the moment by using this ancient practice
The idea of attempting to concentrate on one object at a time can look impossible for some of us; and actually, it is not possible for some.With more and mor...
Demi Powell