German New Medicine and Alternative Cancer Treatment

Dr. Hamer also discovered that, provided there is a resolution of the conflict, every disease proceeds in two phases, (Second Biological Law). During the first, or conflict-active phase, the entire organism is geared to dealing with the conflict. While a meaningful cell alteration runs its course on the physical level, the psyche and the vegetative autonomous system also try to handle the unexpected situation. Switched into a stress state (sympathicotonia), the mind becomes completely

This apple cider vinegar shampoo-condish duo is a total steal

Apple cider vinegar might not taste good (like, at all), but it sure is great for your hair. Because of how acidic it is, washing with it can help bring life back to damaged strands, make it super-shiny, and keep your color looking top-notch. It’s also great for your scalp, balancing the pH and clearing any buildup. Yep, basically it’s the beauty BFF you didn’t know you needed… and everyone’s starting to jump on the bandwagon.The best-selling beauty product on Amazon this week is none other
Demi Powell