3D Bioprinting
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3D Bioprinting

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3D Bioprinting
Feb 17 2021
3D bioprinting of tissues and organs for regenerative medicine

3D Bioprinting & Regenerative Medicine

3D bioprinting is a leading advancement that enables making biomimetic, multiscale, multi-cell tissues with uncommonly complex tissue microenvironment and mechanical heterogeneity. Given the huge interest in org…

Joseph Evans
8 min.
3D Bioprinting
Feb 17 2021
3D Bioprinting: Eradicating Transplantation Waiting Lists and Testing Drugs On Living Tissues

Exploring the Idea of 3D Bioprinting

3D bioprinting may be the reaction for overall organ deficiencies, just as to the expanding hesitance to test new restorative, synthetic, and drug items on creatures. Do you accept that organs filled in labs just exis…

Joseph Evans
7 min.
3D Bioprinting
Jan 29 2021
Husband Saves Wife’s Eye-Sight using 3D Printer

The summer of 2013 found Michael Balzer in good health. A few years earlier, he’d struggled with a long illness that had cost him his job.

As he recovered, he built an independent career creating 3D graphics and helping his wife, a psychotherapist named …

Demi Powell
2 min.
3D Bioprinting
Feb 14 2018
3D Bioprinting is Now a Reality: Bio-Ink Stem Cells Identified

Technology is developing rapidly with groundbreaking innovations and discoveries. 3D-printing is one of the recent innovations that has influenced various fields.

With a 3D-printer, it became easy to create any object.

A team of scientists from the Univ…

Heidi Gross
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