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Dynamic meditation
Free Flowing Hurt

I very rarely share my adversity, but here I am. “Be still and know I am God” is what is ringing through my being as I type this out. I can know that it’s perf…

Calaen Owen Burton
Personal Development Coaching

We are unintentionally conditioned from when we are young to believe that our happiness is dependent upon our accomplishments. When we got As on our tests, we …

Alyssa Kelliher
Mind Control
Fighting my inner demons to defeat depression

Fighting my inner demons to defeat depression

If I were to rewind to 3 years ago, I would find myself sulking and typing in my sob story on my cellphone diary…

Jisha Vijay
Natural holistic approach for managing depression


With the number of filled prescriptions for depression soaring, patients are often overmedicated, using pharmaceutical compounds that do not addres…

Khaled Mohamed
Health Psychology
5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Mental Health

Mental health problems are a combination of many factors that can be caused by many issues surrounding you. The ability to cope with challenging situations var…

Ndumia Rose
Emotional Trauma Therapy
Creating Structure & Developing Routines Alleviates Sadness (4 Tips)

We all go through sad times, it’s probably one of the most universal human experiences. Some people experience sadness in waves and others may experience a par…

Dilreet Kaur
Free Writing
Positive Mentality? It's Easy If You Try It

It won’t be wrong to say our thoughts are our mentors.

Every time our thoughts introduce us to a unique world where we pretend the world same as our thoughts.…

Mohammad Hashibul Hassan
Mind Control
Meaning of 'True happiness' in 7 paragraphs. (Written by a nobody who has been everybody)

It is easy to mourn the lives we aren’t living. Easy to wish we’d develop other talents, said yes to different offers, easy to wish we’d work harder, loved bet…

Mega Me
Mindfulness meditation
Only The Intangible Is Real

There are only two modes of being that are possible for us — the tangible and the intangible — and of these two only the intangible is real. This is odd of cou…

Nick Williams
Purpose and Destiny — The Tangled Web they Weave

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I dreamed of writing. Writing for whoever might hear, whoever might care, or, for myself and the sheer enjoyment, nay, …

Cynthia A. Morgan
Technology Assisted Therapy
Technology-assisted therapy

Computer therapy is the use of computers to directly deliver certain aspects of psychotherapy or behavioral therapy to patients through a computer program or t…

Isabella Dawson
Free Writing
Enrich your heart , beautify yourself

Enrich your heart , beautify yourself

**When the heart submerges in compassion ,a new you emerge.
Beautiful faces are made in heaven but beautiful hearts a…

Sara Ali
Post-partum Welness
4 Misconceptions About Postpartum Depression: A Blog About PPD and How to Manage It.

Postpartum depression is a real problem for many mothers, which often has negative implications for their children. It’s very real and far from the “baby blues…

Ndumia Rose
Past Life Regression
Past Life Healing

You have lived before, this is not your first time around. You did not come here as a blank slate. Your soul have been there and done it all. It is not surpris…

Larrissa Aawar
Meeting, Greeting & Unleashing your Inner Child.. Be the Love you need!

Meeting, Greeting & Unleashing your Inner Child…. Be the love you need.

When I first became aware of our inner child (a term well known in psychology and …

Kimberley Parker
Spiritual Healing
Feeling lost, stuck, or blocked?

Have you ever felt lost, stuck, or even blocked? Perhaps as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland would say ‘You’ve Lost Your Mucheness’ can you recall a tim…

Amanda Dodd
Vegan Diet
The Pear of True Sight

There is a Pear of True Sight: Take a Bite!

My Central Thesis: There really isn’t much to do spiritually with other people.

I have found that the vast majori…

Career Coaching
How to grow your Happiness

Happiness is not an arbitrary sate of being that magically floats on in. It needs to be trained. Which is awesome, simply because - can be trained!

**How to e…

Flow Coach Dez
Spirit Guides
A Channeled Message from My Spirit Guides to All

Bring your sorrow and your pain,

There is nothing left to gain

From your silence and your feign

As if everything’s okay.

It is not, and you do know it,


Olga Aydınoğlu
Leadership Coaching
Depression - How Strengthening Our Mind Can Battle It.

Depressive diagnoses vary from person to person. It doesn’t categorize a person as being mentally slow, or unintelligent but rather a mood an individual can’t …

Ian Hosein
Neuromodulation Technology
Virtual reality technology in the treatment of PTSD

Virtual reality exposure therapy is a modern type of exposure therapy that is used to treat various diseases, such as phobias and so on. Scientists have also c…

Lora Moore
Dream Interpretation
Depression and Sleep: An Endless Dark Night

How are Depression and Sleep Related?

Depression and sleep are closely intertwined in a dark and nightmarish tango, in what is termed a bidirectional relation…

Sheila Balgobin - The Dream Decipherer
Emotional Freedom Technique
Relieve Pain and Depression with these Practices

Pains that we experience are caused by mental processes that can be affected by thoughts and emotions. Scientists still don’t now everything about the connecti…

Demi Powell
Can Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression?

Immediate reduction in depression and anxiety for up to eight months seen in patients with advanced cancer given a single dose of psilocybin.

A single dose of…

Demi Powell