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5 Steps to Lower Your Risk Of Pancreatitis
Follow the five steps to improve the work of your pancreas and lower your chances to get EPI (or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). The pancreas plays an im...
Demi Powell
How to modify your diet to reduce risk of getting kidney stones
Generally, certain types of stones can be cured by measures focused on the cause of stone formation. Also, sticking to a diet reduces risk of stone formation...
Demi Powell
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
What is Ayurveda and how to live according to nature’s rhythms
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term for “Science of Life.” It is the earliest health care system of India beginning over 6,000 years ago. The fundamentals of Ayurved...
Alla Kozyreva
Yoga Therapy
The Powerful Effects of Karma on Creativity
Our sexual health is closely related to the Sacral Chakra – Swadhistana, located in the pelvic region below the navel. It is a seat of deep emotions, karma, ...
Alla Kozyreva
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
5 must-try homemade herbal tea recipes
I believe that a cup of tea can cure just about anything. And in some cultures, it does just that. Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years by man...
Michelle L. Raymond
Nutritional Therapy
Nutrients To Fuel Our Body
Monday I was in Meditation and all I could hear was my tummy rumbling. Do you ever get like that, sometimes no matter what you eat, your tummy still wants fo...
Gemma Nice
Have You Heard Of The Mozart Effect?
HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE MOZART EFFECT? Research carried out on children’s cognitive abilities indicated that there were some improvements while they liste...
Nathalie Sansonetti
Nutritional Therapy
The Old Lady and The Sweets
A few years ago, an older lady (let’s call her ‘Mary’) came to me for nutritional help. Mary was very cross with herself and showed me her handbag that was l...
Nathalie Sansonetti
Wellness Wednesday Restorative and Energising Super Smoothie
Wellness Wednesday Restorative and Energising Super Smoothie This smoothie is a great little energiser as well as restorative hug in a glass. Yesterday I su...
Gemma Nice
Nutritional Therapy
The Mind Gut Connection
We have so many phrases in the English language that talk about the connection between the mind, our emotions and our gut – such as “gut feeling”, “gut wrenc...
Olivia Shakespear
Angel Healing
Intuitive Reiki Healing for gut healing, weight loss, depression/anxiety and chronic disease
Having been an integrative health care practitioner for the last decade, I see the epidemic gut problems and obesity continue to spiral out of control. Drawn...
Tammy Russell
How To Brew Kombucha And What The Hell It Is.
How To Brew Kombucha And What The Hell It Is. Oh My God, You've Got To Try This And I Really Do Mean It. A couple of weeks ago a friend asked on a m...
Gemma Nice
Nutritional Therapy
Super-Simple Superfood Recipe Series II
Wonder what superfoods to eat with all this talk about gut health, probiotics and prebiotics, autoimmunity, hormonal balance, weight loss/weight gain, inflam...
FAIZA Ibrahim-Audu
Nutritional Therapy
Super Simple Superfoods Recipe
Do you wonder what superfoods to eat with all this talk about gut health, probiotics and prebiotics, autoimmunity, hormonal balance, weight loss/weight gain,...
FAIZA Ibrahim-Audu
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), is one of the most common functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) affecting 10-20% of the adult population worldwide, ye...
Olianna Gourlis
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Healing Your Digestion Naturally
It is no coincidence that both and, arguably the two oldest systems of medicine on the planet, consider digestion to be one of the key factors influencing ou...
Demi Powell
Here is how air pollution causes digestive tract disorders
Over the months I have written often about the link between polluted air and health – and ways in which the former impacts the latter. In fact, in “Polluted...
Demi Powell
Ketogenic Diet
7-Keto: Do you need to take supplements?
7-Keto: Supplement to Speed Metabolism? What can you tell me about a supplement called 7-Keto, sometimes 7-Keto DHEA? Is it really safe and effective for wei...
Demi Powell
A Healthy Digestive System
People complain a great deal about digestive issues. It is totally understandable that this problem is a great concern, considering the American diet. It is ...
Ted Kostek
Sexual Health
Colon Cleansing – Is it safe?
Is colon cleansing an effective way to get rid of toxins from your body? Answer From Michael F. Picco, M.D. Colon cleansing is typically used as prepara...
Demi Powell
Herbal therapy
5 Tips to Improve Your Digestion
Do you inhale your food? Are you so busy that even chewing seems like a luxury? Here are some tips on improving digestion: Tip #1: Cover the Basics B...
Tracy Campbell
Digestive Support for Detoxification
Spring is an ideal time for detoxification. This is the season of new growth, a time to refresh our system by cleaning out toxins accumulated during the wint...
Marguerite Little
Nauli — An Ancient Yoga Technique That Will Supercharge Your Digestion and Your Health
Want to learn a yoga move that’ll make your Instagram followers stop short while scrolling? You could try nauli, an ancient cleansing practice for the digest...
Eleanor Saunders