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Emotional Stress Release
Everyone Needs Healing
Whether we have psychological issues or mental health problems, all of us need healing. We all experience times when we feel broken and damaged. And we requi...
Hassan Siddiqui
Mind Control
3 Daily Practises that can change your life
Early from our childhood days, we have been taught to take care of our health, follow habits that include brushing our teeth, bathing, brush our hair, eat go...
Amritha Kailas
3 Easy Steps to improve communication in relationships
Most of us obey traffic rules when we are on the road to prevent accidents with other vehicles .However, how often do we follow rules of communication to avo...
Amritha Kailas
Blast Away Limiting Beliefs About Self Worthiness
We all know that to have self-love is to have a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. To have a healthy self-love is to take care of your own ne...
Malise Banks
Soul Retrieval
How To Nurture Your Soul Through Darkness: The Blessings of Winter Solstice
In the Northern Hemisphere, winter solstice takes place on 21st December. This date has been celebrated by different traditions throughout history as a time ...
Rebecca Neusinger
Past Life Regression
Your Scars Don't Define You
If you have any mental health issues, if you are suffering, if there are scars on your body and soul, remember that they don’t define you. If you were beaten...
Hassan Siddiqui
Personal Development Coaching
What Creates The Feeling That Something Is Unbearable?
Superpower Over the years, the number one superpower I have acquired is the realization that virtually all of my psychological suffering and most of my phys...
Carlos Vettorazzi
Self-care rituals to celebrate Yule
Give yourself some holiday love this yuletide with these simple, nourishing self-care rituals The winter solstice on December 21st marks the start of winter...
Erica Breen
Health Psychology
Is addiction a disease or not?
Is addiction a disease or not? According to literature, in today’s world, one of the most common diseases is addiction, but is it really? How psychologists ...
Bilgesu Ağbal
Telemental Health
BLACK FRIDAY on Core Spirit
One week FREE membership. During Black Friday all sessions and appointments with all therapists, healers, coaches and other experts for 1 dollar only. Subs...
Core Spirit Press Releases
What do you mean by watching inward (mindfulness)?
* What do you mean by watching inward? So now, when one walks one should see one´s limbs moving, when one speaks one should hear one´s own voice, and when o...
Bomnara Metaphysics
The Power of Bad News
Ask yourself honestly, how do you feel each time you watch the news. Does good news lift up your spirits, charge you with positive energy and put a spring in...
Step Into Your Light - Christina Moore
Spiritual Healing
Shadow Work - Your Spiritual Evolution Depends On It
Shadow Work: The Most Crucial Part Of Your Personal Growth & Spiritual Evolution Shadow Work “It hits different when you can look at all the parts of ...
Nichole Edmond
Emotional Freedom Technique
How to free oneself from addictions
Nowadays, due to the skilful use of mental suggestions, assertions and induced assumptions employed by powerful corporations and their marketing strategies,...
Max Corradi
Wellness Coaching
Everyday Mental Toughness — Part 1: Control
Developing Everyday Mental Toughness – Part 1: Control This is the first of four short articles concentrating on how to develop each of the four Mental Toug...
Bob Larcher
Telemental Health
Eight ways to take responsibility
8 Ways to Take More Responsibility for Your Life Do you take enough responsibility for your life? Those that do not often have challenging lives. There are ...
Susan Hargett
Developmental Psychology
Everyday Mental Toughness — Part 2: Commitment
This is the second of four short articles concentrating on how to develop each of the four Mental Toughness “sub-components” I work with model developed by ...
Bob Larcher
When we force pseudo-being into existence (by insisting, by controlling, by ‘bearing down heavily on things’) we also create — as an unwanted by-product — to...
Nick Williams
WFH: Getting Into your Back
As a seasoned Worker FH, I started to feel I was rather unusual among all the 170 comments on a recent LinkedIn survey, because it suits me fine. So, I wrote...
Charley Linden Thorp
WFH: Mindfulness and Eye Care
Mindfulness and Eye Care will help you protect and enhance your vision as you spend countless hours gazing at screens. WFH is an excellent opportunity to tak...
Charley Linden Thorp
Being still — what if your life depended on it? 5 Reasons to give yourself some breathing space
When was the last time you were alone, still and quiet for longer than 5 minutes? It’s interesting that we humans have lost permission to do nothing. And I ...
Rebecca Neusinger
The Ultimate Addiction
Our basic motivation in life is the drive to obtain the illusion of ontological security. ‘Ontological security’ might be explained by saying that it is when...
Nick Williams
Body Psychotherapy
Mind-and-Body Therapy: A Proven, Effective Approach to Your Wellbeing
When most people hear the phrase “mind-and-body therapy,” they get images of old yogis practicing anatomically-impossible moves, or shamans sitting in a crum...
Dina Omar
Emotional Freedom Technique
The Secrets of Mindfulness while Working From Home (WFH)
Your state of mind is reflected in the environment and the environment is reflected in your mind!” This ‘Quarantine/Lockdown’ time is an excellent opportu...
Charley Linden Thorp

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