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Career Crisis
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Career Coaching
How to Stand up for yourself at work
Knowing how to stand/speak up for yourself at work is a critical career building skill. We would all like to believe that our workplaces provide healthy, re...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Emotional Stress Release
JUST HUSTLE HEY EVERYBODY this is Praharsha, a normal yet a very curious 18 year old trying to find the meaning of life, a purpose to work on and in this se...
Praharsha Joy
Take the Plunge
Be ready for the rapid change. When you can hear the voice of yourself wanting to take an action, but you choose a different path. It diminishes the self, k...
Louise Hallam
Life Coaching
How to manage your Notice Period with grace and dignity
We have all resigned from a job at some stage during our career. Your notice period can sometimes be a very uncomfortable period as you begin to prepare for...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Career Coaching
Do YOUR homework before you change Careers
Is your job making you feel miserable and bored? You don’t have any motivation to keep working at the same place? Does it feel like you have outgrown your po...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Life Coaching
How we stop doing what we love
When I was young I had all kinds of ideas about what I would be doing in life that will make me feel satisfied, fulfilled and fully self expressed. After I ...
Pauline Dougald
Forget about Abundance Self-Help— This is The Real Deal
Hocus pocus new age self-help books always boil down to only two words; Affirmations and Conditioning. Coaches and healers and Tony Robbins have made millio...
Lucien Lecarme
Money Rituals
Money rituals - new ways to attract abilities.
Over the past few years, there has been a clear trend of spirituality - people are starting to do practices, burn candles, say affirmations and do meditation...
Demi Powell
Financial Literacy
Financial literacy: how not to spend the entire salary and earn more
What is financial literacy? This is a set of skills and knowledge that help you not to spend too much and increase your savings. These include budget planni...
Demi Powell
Telemental Health
The two most influential stages of my life.
Hello my dear readers. I would like to tell you a little bit about my story and what my life has been about since I was a young, immature teenager. I was bor...
Paco Chávez
Spiritual Healing
You can start over whenever you want. 3 helpful mantras to take with you on your new journey.
What exactly is a mantra? A mantra is a sound, word, phrase or sentence you repeat to channel a specific energy or intention. They’re often used during medit...
Paco Chávez
Career Coaching
Talent Doesn't Blossom Overnight
When I was in the 3rd grade I was pulled out of my class and taken into a small room with two strangers waiting to ask me a bunch of questions. I didn’t know...
Omar L. Harris
Career Coaching
Change Careers with Confidence and Courage
Changing careers takes confidence and courage. We know this! It is often the reason we have not made the changes we want to make yet. We do not have the conf...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Where are you in the universe of emotions?
Did you know that a human can experience around 34,000 emotions? With such a big number, it’s not a surprise that we could easily get lost when we navigate t...
Massimo Roselli
Telemental Health
Core Spirit – Increasing Sales With Video
Core Spirit is now hosting videos created by world’s best practitioners, coaches, healers, and mentors. Exclusively on Core Spirit, you can watch video conte...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Past Life Regression
Electric Current and a Tree Network
Recently, I conducted a magical past life/regression therapy session. It was one of those rare days, when I didn’t need to guide a client into trance, in ord...
Agnieszka Furtak
Career Coaching
How to Find Time to Write Your Book
I meet people almost daily who say, “I want to write my book – but I can’t find the time.” This is the reason why some people never manage to get around to a...
Denise Michaels
Money Rituals
Core Spirit Is Now Valued At £5 Million, Thanks to Its Latest Round of Funding
Core Spirit successfully raised angel investement and is now valued at £5 million. With global significance and key professional partnerships already secured...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Leadership Coaching
Inspiration and Meaning
What inspires you? What does it mean to you when you achieve something? The way in which we view the world is paramount to what we gain from it. If we are c...
Chloe Mepham
Brain Hacking
From Employed to Self-employed
Have you ever sat with your head in your hands and thought, ‘I don’t know if I can do this any-more’. It’s Sunday evening and the thought of another week at ...
Meera Shah
How to set up a Business with Purpose
Have you ever thought ‘I just want to win the lottery and go sit on an island some-where?” That was me for many years. I was unhappy with my job, the long h...
Meera Shah
Career Coaching
Zen Meditation in Relation to Corporate Sensibility.
Zen itself was created by The Japanese Buddhists. For they saw the rush-rush life and all the imbalances it caused in people. As leaders lead with any kind o...
Ian Hosein
Personal Development Coaching
Emotion and Performance
When do you perform at your best? When you wake up? Before you go to sleep? There is a peak performance level. It is within us all. It is where we perform a...
Chloe Mepham
Social Psychology
Crisis •  Is it real?
* CRISIS - . Sharing with you a text that I really like on the subject of the Crisis, I take the opportunity to feed the famous two birds with one fruit (...
Anna Ramazzotti