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Medical intuition
Is your body keeping you stuck?

Did you know your body can contribute to keeping you stuck in your life? Perhaps you are trying to recover your health, create a new business, or change someth…

Sarah Lascano
Spiritual Healing
Book 13: Intro: The Source Behind The “Gods” We Think We Know

Author’s Note: To all the bringers/lightworkers/teachers/coaches/examiners/guardians…etc. You know who you are. Our eternal family is waiting. Some of us h…

Andalasia Anon
Dermatologist-Approved Skincare Tips for the Best Skin of Your Life

Healthy skin is the key to a healthy body. If you keep your skin healthy, then you are taking care of all the other organs in the body. Medical dermatology is …

Bethany Thomas
Interesting facts about heart that you did not know

You know that you cannot live without the beating of your heart. But did you know that during the day your heart makes about 100,000 contractions, and during y…

Bethany Thomas
Internal Medicine

Cardiology, one of the specialties of internal medicine, deals with one of our vital organs – our heart. In the time of sedentary lifestyle, a diet full of fas…

Demi Powell
Bariatrics – how to get rid of the weight FOREVER

Being overweight at some point causes many endocrine diseases, including type 2 diabetes. Fatty tissue in the body is mostly represented by white fat cells, an…

Bethany Thomas
Myth of glamorous tech mogul

Workplace trends are continuously changing, and those changes can be hard to keep up with. We live in a glamorous high-speed world, where digital interconnecti…

Ishani J Sanghavi
Recreational Therapy

Have you ever been advised to avoid stress in your life, in order to prevent its harmful effects on your health?
How much have you told yourself that you need …

Space clearing

I will tell you how certain things you do while at a cemetery, can bring bad luck and terrible consequences for your health and wellbeing. I will only discuss …

Larrissa Aawar
Nutritional Therapy
Prevent burn-out according to this ancient Chinese concept

In Classical Chinese Medicine, the Three Treasures — which are the three most important aspects to cultivate if we are to achieve a state of radiant health — a…

Leo de Melo
Angel Healing
Heal Yourself First

You can’t incessantly be drained by people, with endless giving and still expect to heal others. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to be better at what you…

Tammy Russell
Feldenkrais method
Include more, do less

This last few years, I have been working with a few people individually thinking about RSI, and other injuries and wanted to share a little of my thinking arou…

Emma Alter
Personal Development Coaching
How Full Body Thermography Works

Key Takeaways

How Full Body Thermography Works

One Client’s Experience

What Does Full Body Thermography Measure?

The Smart Choice

There is a proactive, ef…

Thermography Center of Dallas
Yoga Therapy
Prana is Life Energy, Breath & Soul

Life is energy. Energy defines life. Energy as defined by physicists, according to Dr Daniel Siegel, is the movement from possibility to actuality. Very simila…

Shira Cohen
Leadership Coaching
The Issues that Empaths face

Empaths are typically known as the healers of the world. They’re the people whose senses are heightened—the ones that not only see the different energies of th…

Demi Powell
Functional medicine
What Your Skin Says About Your Hormones

Our skin is a reflection of what is going on inside our bodies. If our hormones become unbalanced, our skin can become a reflection of this hormonal unbalance.…

Madison Rose Brookes
A Brief Overview of Genetic Testing

Hereditary testing is a sort of clinical trial that recognizes changes in chromosomes, qualities, or proteins. The aftereffects of a hereditary test can affirm…

Charly Morres
Burnout Is Not Caused By Doing Too Much, It Is Caused By Being Out Of Alignment

Yes you read that right…

Burnout is not caused by doing too much, it is caused by being out of alignment.

Today we are going to turn the traditional concept …

Jake Currie - Mind Body Masters
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Related Terms: Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, CFIDS, CFS, Myalgic encephalomyelitis

Chronic fatigue syndr…

Anita Kelley
Chronic Fatigue Is A Real and Dangerous Disease — Scientists Confirm

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is one of the most perplexing conditions out there. It affects up to 1 million Americans and a…

Elsa Chambers

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