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Communication Problems
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Life Coaching
How to Set Boundaries in 5 Easy Steps
Boundaries are essential for authentic and genuine connection with both yourself and others. During the busy holidays don’t forget to continue to hold space ...
Alyssa Kelliher
Relationship Coaching
Radical Transparency in Your Relationship
How often have you held back sharing something with your partner because you thought you should? Maybe you felt your partner was too busy to deal with the is...
Shari, the Soulmate Seekers Love Coach
ASR: Book 1: Intro: The Many "Whys" Of Life
FOREWORD Please note the timeline might be slightly off. As this book is written over a lifetime. In its original form it was written in thousands, if not...
Andalasia Anon
Words That Attack: merging spirituality with emotional-mental health
“What did I say?!” Social interaction is great for spiritual practice. Hurt feelings, conflict/ drama and saying things we later regret, are kindling fo...
Family Medicine
Now More Than Ever, Family Medicine Needs To Focus On Mental Health
Now that the stress of the pandemic tends to exacerbate patients’ health issues, primary care physicians face an unprecedented opportunity to take care of bo...
Demi Powell
Cyber Ethics
It’s better to be safe than sorry. What is cyber ethics and how to be safe online
“Cyber ethics” refers to the code of responsible behavior on the Internet. Just as we are taught to act in day-to-day life with such things as “Don’t take w...
Isabella Dawson
Business Ethics
Business Ethics
A modern business person is required to know all the norms and rules of business ethics. And not only know, but also apply them in practice. So, what is bus...
Isabella Dawson
The Benefits of Gratitude — How to Generate Results with Two Simple Words
Being Grateful means, by Oxford’s definition, a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness; having or showing the desire or reason to thank so...
Cynthia A. Morgan
Spiritual Healing
CORE SPIRIT Mobile App: New Features
Core Spirit, the comprehensive health and wellness platform with practitioners in more than 86 countries worldwide, has launched a new app for both iOS and A...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Career Coaching
Move an Online Relationship to the Offline World
It is much easier to fool someone online than offline. Online you can tell any person any story you want since all you need to do is typing the words. Whil...
Johan Versteegh
Spiritual Healing
The loneliness behind emotional trauma
Feeling like a victim was something I despised. But that all came with one problem. I identified so much with the victor, you know, the heroic one made of st...
Family Psychology
Dating: 101
In an age filled with social media, Tinder and virtual dating, are we creating the proper foundations for a healthy relationship? This seems to be the time ...
Michelle L. Raymond
Medical intuition
Misconceptions of Health Concerns
Chemo is often being recommended but it has made people so sick, it has made people search out almost futuristic thinking - advancements in Cancer Theory for...
Ian Hosein
Brain Hacking
Hacking the Brain: Dimensions of Cognitive Enhancement (Research)
In our rapidly transforming society, demand for excellent cognitive abilities is growing. A recent research, published in ACS Chemical Neuroscience Journal, ...
Core Spirit Scientific Research Reviews
Personal Development Coaching
Emotion and Communication
I used to be a people pleaser. I would say yes to everyone and everything for what I thought would be a quieter life. This is known as passive communication....
Chloe Mepham
Career Coaching
Why Is Emotional Intelligence So Important?
Emotional intelligence is essential if you want to thrive in your professional life and personal relationships. We all know about the intelligent quotient (I...
Grace Being
Chakra Balancing
The Use of Turquoise and Light Blue in Colour Therapy
Turquoise We associate blue-greens with the refreshing and cool ocean. It is therefore invigorating, cooling and calming. Like green, turquoise is good for m...
Alternate Pathways
Personal Development Coaching
Synchronicity: Harmony in a chaotic Universe
Space, contrary to what the writers of Star Trek may have us believe, is not a quiet place. We perceive it that way because the human ear can process only a ...
Steve J. Chandler
Leadership Coaching
Manifesting Your Dream Relationship
Are you struggling in parts of your relationship? Do you know how to fix that specific area? People who know me know how much into manifesting and breath wor...
Gemma Nice
Personal Development Coaching
Language Barriers In Relationships
In 2006, my husband and I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. We were seriously stressed out in our jobs and needed some ‘self care’ so took 6 months off...
Gemma Nice
Why Scientists from Oxford University are Embracing Alternative Medicine
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a multi-billion-dollar industry with more than 80% of world’s population using at least one of its formats fo...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Personal Development Coaching
Who is responsible for what? One mega piece of misinformation in our society today is that we are responsible for another’s happiness! This creates so much ...
Erena Oliver
Personal Development Coaching
Clarity and Emotion in Public Speaking
“Choose a close friend/family member and imagine that you are delivering the speech in front of that person.” (E. Gilbert) The author of the famous novel “E...
Teodora Iulia Paucean
Worldwide well-being depends on biomedical researchers and the general well-being of laborers
Worldwide well-being depends on biomedical researchers and general wellbeing laborers to tackle irresistible sickness and other medical issues at a neighborh...
Kori Miller