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Mindfulness meditation
Just What is Mindfulness Anyway?
Mindfulness is certainly a buzz word right now, but it’s been around a long time. Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment on purpose, without j...
Kelly Dennis
Telemental Health
'Tis the Season
The holiday season is a time filled with hope, faith, joy, and peace. Symbolically, this season represents the Light, a concept belonging to every wisdom tra...
Susan Hargett
Mindfulness meditation
The Differences Between Deep Breathing, Mindfulness, and Meditation
Does anxiety interfere with your ability to perform? Do you suffer from stress? How does this affect your performance, both professionally and personally? A...
Chloe Mepham
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Create an Ayurvedic morning routine
Create more intention in your thoughts and actions Wondering how to create an Ayurvedic morning routine? In Ayurveda, how you start your day influences the ...
Erica Breen
Telemental Health
Understanding Your Stress Response
The holidays are rapidly approaching, and it is important to manage stress for the holidays. Briefly, we will define stress, common signs of stress, triggers...
Susan Hargett
Positive Psychology
Why We Need Life Strategy?
Strategy is a pivotal representative for proper function. To alter and achieve anything, the presence of strategy is mandatory. The vast implication of dif...
Mohammad Hashibul Hassan
Chakra Balancing
Feeling Overwhelmed, Burnt-out and Disconnected? Check in with your Energy Centres
Taking a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing is really vital in today stressful world but do you ever consider your energy health? Feeling burnt o...
Sharon Kennewell
Life Coaching
5 Effective Tips to effectively manage Work Overload and save your Sanity
Many years ago, I had a manager who said “if you cannot get through your days’ work in a day, then something is wrong. Either your load is too heavy or the p...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Body and Emotion Code
Freeing Your Heart
For many years now, I have been working on my spirituality, opening myself up to more and more experiences that elevate my soul. I’ve learned to feel love no...
Helen Kirby
It's OK to Slow Down
We humans are a speedy species. How many times have you heard or said, “hurry up”, “let’s get going”, “gotta run”. It’s innocent, many of us were reared on g...
Why Am "I" Spacing Out?
There will times during Awakening when it feels as though we “can’t think clearly” and this will bring up tremendous fear. To feel confused, while the attac...
Exercise to Invoke the Ego
Try this exercise using an analog watch with a date window on the clock face. For example, suppose the number within the date window (representing the day of...
Sleuthing Clues to Find Hidden Egoic Beliefs
Every contact with someone provides a sleuthing opportunity to catch the believed egoic thoughts which build the “Me” - “Not me”story of separation. Disconn...
Laughing With Our Narcissistic Ego
As we grow and develop along the spiritual path, we become aware of our egoic patterns. We see them play out in our minds as thoughts or we act them out in b...
The Benefits of Mindfulness
How do you manage your emotions? What techniques do you use? How effective are these techniques? We can all suffer from problematic emotions. It is a fundam...
Chloe Mepham
Spiritual Healing
A Brain Waves During Quantum Healing Session
I don’t have imagination, my imagination is rather poor, that’s one of my favorites approaching before we even start. What if I’m here to guide you, gently, ...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
Body Psychotherapy
Mind Your Body ... For a Change
Here’s a common scenario that I’m sure you had experienced more than a few times… A friend is sitting right across from you. She’s telling you a funny stor...
Dina Omar
Water pollution: causes, impact and solution
Water pollution is a serious environmental problem. After all, water is essential for the existence of all living organisms, including people. Organic matte...
Isabella Dawson
Waste Management
5R rule that we all should follow
Plastic waste and garbage in general is a major problem in modern society. Humanity creates thousands and thousands of tons of waste every day. And if we don...
Isabella Dawson
Peace Pervades - The Importance of Doing Nothing
In this world of rapidity, haste, and urgency, where instant has become the norm and the norm has become tedious, the importance of Quietness and Solitude ha...
Cynthia A. Morgan
Time Manipulation
Time Management and Stress
Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Have you ever succumbed to stress because of your work/life balance? Does your daily to do list provoke anxiety at times? This...
Chloe Mepham
Herbal therapy
Why Do We Age?
According to Wikipedia, the percentage of oxygen in the air is 20.95% at the present moment. In reality, it is much less, especially in heavily populated ind...
Larrissa Aawar
Healing Power of Forgiveness
Healing Power of Forgiveness
I wish they could teach kids at school how to forgive. Forgiveness may not be a skill to grade a student for, yet it is a better predictor of the quality of ...
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Body Psychotherapy
A New Perspective on Tension Headaches
Emotional suppression can seem like an intangible concept if we do not know the signs to look out for. Tension headaches are like an aching pain in the brain...
Keeva Dagg