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A mind blowing singular breakthrough is not what changes your life. A micro shift is.

A mind blowing singular breakthrough is not what changes your life. A micro shift is.

Small continuous actions are what lead to monumental changes. Consistent…

Alyssa Kelliher
Tips for Online Fitness Sessions

Online fitness sessions can be an extremely helpful tool in keeping up with your workouts, dealing with anxiety and stress, and just a beautiful way of keeping…

Downhill Skiing
5 toughest downhill races that make pros nervous

Which FIS downhill races horrify the aces and why?

The FIS World Cup downhill inclines in race condition are not feasible for ordinary skiers – not in any eve…

Mary Miller
Functional medicine
Bodybuilding For Weightloss @ Home Programming Making Weightloss Simple

Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician - For Your Health, Wellness - Educational Purposes

Skeletal-Muscle is our bodily organ of locomotion. Furthermore, it is…

Christine Foutch
Pain Relief Therapy
Pain & Exercise?

Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician - For Your Health, Wellness - Educational Purposes

Chronic pain is brutal. Making it hard to enjoy even the simplest of …

Christine Foutch
Yoga Therapy
AcuPro Yoga Mat

The Acupro® Yoga Mat is the world’s first fitness mat that incorporates a Deep Stimulation system, designed to cause a cascade of energy from the receptors of …

AOK Health
Diabetic Diet
Healthy Superfood for Diabetics

if you don’t give diabetics the choice of a low carb diet, you don’t give them the choice to avoid complications.” — Katherine Morrison,MD

Have you been diag…

Queen Israel
Top breathing tips for exercising

I always seemed to struggle with breathing when I would jog or do the elliptical, I would end up with pain/cramping in my side. Most of the time when I would…

Season Gorny
Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training has garnered growing attention in recent years because of the perspective for individuals to achieve a greater degree of …

Demi Powell
Clinical Neurophysiology
How we affect our brains: amazing examples

Perhaps the brain is the most mysterious organ of our body. Scientists are constantly learning new facts about its work, but there are still many mysteries. Ev…

Bethany Thomas
Allergy and Immunology
Food allergy: what it is and how to reduce it

Over 50 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy. You might know one of those people or are one yourself. To keep yourself and your children safe, yo…

Bethany Thomas

It’s not always fun to see your hair go gray or your skin get more wrinkly. Thankfully, there are ways to maintain your health and youthful appearance. Impleme…

Demi Powell
Restorative Yoga
Take Charge of Your Bone Health During Menopause

When I approached my menopause years I had no idea that this midlife phase could effect my bone health. Until I became a yoga teacher seven years ago and this …

Annie Moore
Iyengar yoga
10 Yoga Myths Debunked

1.Yoga is only for flexible people

The truth is that practicing Yoga asanas on a consistent basis improves flexibility. Saying you have to be flexible for Yog…

Pragatti Anand Oswal
Life Coaching
How to be a super hot athletic chick

So you want to be a super hot athletic chick. I don’t blame you, it’s pretty dope being one. Let’s begin with the super hot part. We can cultivate this in one …

Genevieve Mackenzie

What girl today does not leaf through a glossy magazine or social networks that dictate our standards of beauty? We look at girls from the pages of fashion mag…

Darcy Adamson

Breast liposuction is a surgical operation aimed at eliminating excessive subcutaneous fat deposits in the mammary glands. This kind of intervention is often r…

Darcy Adamson
A guide for the water ski buyers

Buying water skis

It is easy to be surprised or even intimidated when learning all the technical aspects of slalom ski construction, so that’s why this guide …

Kori Miller
Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
Cross-country skiing

Originally, this sport originated in the Scandinavian countries for transportation and recreation and in course of time, it remains popular. In a non-competiti…

Skyler Rivera
5:2 Diet
Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs

Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs, the latest trend in pet wellness and benefits!

You’ve probably noticed the rising popularity of hemp-based products in recent years. T…

Chitvvan Waraich
Running And Tokyo Marathon

Running, foot racing over an assortment of distances and courses, and numbering among the most famous games in essentially all occasions and places. Present-da…

Kori Miller
Equine-assisted therapy
Horseback Riding Sports

Equestrian, which can likewise be called horseback riding, can be alluded to as the expertise of riding with ponies. Equestrian can be for sporting purposes an…

Kori Miller
Hammer Throwing
Hammer Throwing: Understanding and Learning the Technique

The mallet toss procedure is very extraordinary to the wide range of various tosses. It is a rotational method where the hurler plans to go in the hover bit by…

Kori Miller
Figure Skating
Ice Skating: Useful Tips For Beginners

Before you step onto the ice, either with sharp courage or with apprehensive fear, look at these snappy tips for ice skating fledglings to save expected shame.…

Kori Miller

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