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Feeling Lost
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Biohacking: The Art and Science of Upgrading the Human Being
There are ways to prolong one's life: man has come up with drug therapy, organ replacement, cloning, and even cryopreservation. But recently a new method...
Bethany Thomas
Ethical Mentoring
The Role of an Ethical Counselor
Mentors have skills to **help people conduct educational conversations about difficult issues, and they also understand the psychology of ethics - how we mak...
Isabella Dawson
Self Help
Forgive Yourself to Love Yourself More
How often do you look back at your life and feel like you’ve done it all wrong? That you’ve chosen the wrong partners, took the wrong career path, or walked ...
Shari, the Soulmate Seekers Love Coach
Career Coaching
Setting Boundaries: Remember Your Why
Boundaries are the lines that separate you from another. They are the traits and preferences that make you, you. Setting and communicating boundaries are rew...
Alyssa Kelliher
Career Coaching
The Messy Middle
People talk about the beginning, the pivotal moment that made everything change. People talk about the end, the dream that finally came to fruition or the fa...
Alyssa Kelliher
Career Coaching
Run Your Day, Don't Let Your Day Run You
We’ve all had days when we wake up and chaos smacks us in the face. As soon as we open our eyes, we’re responding to phone calls, emails, text messages, the ...
Alyssa Kelliher
Career Coaching
Live, Breathe, Sleep The Relationship With Yourself
Live, breathe, sleep the relationship with yourself. Ask yourself what are you struggling with right now and how can I get around that and the feeling of dr...
Gemma Nice
Imagine Being Someone With Spiritual Gifts
Once someone told me “the supernatural freaks me out" to which I replied “imagine being someone with spiritual gifts". It takes constant and consiste...
The High Witch
Social Psychology
The quest for knowledge
Goodblessing in the forever advancing present, inwardly - alldimensionally. I honour the seeker within as divine wisdom in purpose. The miracle of knowle...
Че Ауаттем кïи
5 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship
5 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship There seems to be so much coming up right now about staying true to yourself and believing in yourself and...
Gemma Nice
Career Coaching
The Pillars of Resilience
Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.’ Look at the life o...
Teddy A. Jones
Social Psychology
Core Spirit launches its Organizations Directory
The global leader in the niche of Wellness, Spirituality and Technologies, Core Spirit, is now available for professional organizations of practitioners, doc...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Career Coaching
I Am Woman
As a middle aged woman I have overcome a lot of obstacles and have had to deal with different life changes, some good and some bad. I’ve been through divorce...
Alternate Pathways
Spiritual Healing
Reflections regarding Spirituality and the Brain
Even though there are quite several resources and references available today to explain the impacts and the behavior of the human brain from the spiritual po...
Johann Strerath
Laser Hair Removal
11 things to know about laser hair removal
11 things to know about laser hair removal Thanks to innovative cosmetic procedures, you can easily and effectively get rid of almost any external flaw. So,...
Darcy Adamson
Principles of Mutual Ownership: Thoughts, Ideas, and Identities.
“The things you own, wind up owning you.” That’s probably my favorite movie-proverb among many others. I like that line especially because it has a way of di...
The Christ Dialogue
Natal Astrology
The Value Of Astrology And Knowing Your Birth Chart
First, let’s get a good understanding of what the birth chart represents. I see it as the blueprint of your life that shows both your challenges and the seed...
Linda Tinsley
Western Astrology
Your Saturn Return: Life Begins Now
Even if you aren’t an expert in astrology, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Saturn returns. Saturn returns are the crisis that happens in your late-...
Ada Pembroke
Ohaguro: Why Did the Japanese Dye Their Teeth Black?
In the modern tradition of having white teeth, it is hard to imagine that many years back there black teeth were in trend. **Ohaguro or teeth blacking was a ...
Kori Miller
Social Psychology
Why Embracing Your Creativity is So Important
I believe that our creativity is essential to our well-being, but before I explain why, I would first love to share my story with you. I always loved painti...
Kasia Patzelt
What is a Witch?
A Witch is someone with wisdom and knowledge of the natural world around them, and the energies contained within it. They would follow the pattern of the...
Rob Hardy
Self Help
Be Nice to Yourself, D@mnit!
I will be the first to admit that years ago, I was a very reluctant hippy. (Writer’s note: I use the term “hippy” in the most loving, albeit somewhat sarcast...
Holly Cole
Love Heals
Life for me has been a journey of recovery and healing. In the depth of my own despair and suffering I secretly held out hope that one day someone would appe...
Mandi Cloete
Career Coaching
'Into the Light' - Transformational Coaching
Why is the human condition often so burdened by problems? Why do we experience crises and distress? Usually, our first response to a problem or crisis is t...
Arjan Bogaers