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A Holistic Encounter-Acupressure for a Patient

A Holistic Care Encounter

Walking into the patient room
Seen in the bed, it is Mr. Swanson
The bony arm rest at his side
The skin on his face and body is dull…

nen huang
Spirit Guides
B12: Chapter 9: The Bullies That WE Are.

For too long we have taken the easier path. Allowing ourselves to bypass many harder lessons to get to our results faster—by emphasizing specifics such as: p…

Andalasia Anon
Spirit Guides
Book 12: Chapter 8: In This World Because We Have Choices. We Can Choose To Believe; We Can Choose To Accept…But…

In this world because we have choices. We choose to believe; we can choose to accept…But that does not mean the choice we choose is right just because we beli…

Andalasia Anon
Spirit Guides
ASR: Chapter 7: Over Glorifying To Undermine

Side Note: From this chapter onward there will be no sugar coating. No “pulling punches”. If you are someone who cannot handle the use of harsh words or bol…

Andalasia Anon
Taking ownership over our lives

Hello beautiful being,

Have you ever heard of a thing called non-duality? If so, then you will be familiar with the way that I playfully write in the introduc…

Naomi Emmerson
Environmental Health
How you can help to stop global warming

Global warming is the main threat to humanity in the coming decades. If the world continues to ignore the problem, the planet will pass the point of ‘no return…

Isabella Dawson
Environmental Ethics
All about Environmental ethics

Environmental ethics is part of environmental philosophy that looks at the expansion of the traditional boundaries of ethics from a purely human to a non-human…

Isabella Dawson
Spiritual Healing
What are Healthy Boundaries?

Setting boundaries are easier said than done because the need to create them often stems from experiences of trauma, invalidation of our feelings and emotions,…

Michelle L. Raymond
Spiritual Healing
How to Heal from a Narcissistic Relationship

We all know that breaking up with someone is painful. Even if you feel that it was the best choice, and you were feeling that the person was inhibiting you fro…

Grace Being
Spiritual Healing
Narcissistic Abuse and Spiritual Awakening

I know what you must be thinking, shocking right?! When you think about narcissistic abuse, it’s difficult to associate it with anything spiritual or of good b…

Grace Being
Career Coaching
5 Red Flags To Look Out For In A Relationship

When we first start dating someone, it’s easy to get lost in the moment, and the exciting feelings we get in the initial stage. It’s important to keep in mind …

Grace Being
Career Coaching
What Does it Mean to Really Love Yourself?

How many times have you been told that it is important to love yourself? We all know that it is essential if we want to live a happy and fulfilling life, but u…

Grace Being
For the Abused, Betrayed and the Fallen

Futile faith that someday this dirt will wash away.
Wishing, hoping that just maybe today will be the day.

The day that the winds of change blow us to peace a…

Aiden Lottering
Personal Development Coaching
From Conflict 2 Connection - Breaking the Abuse Cycle

Are you familiar with what abuse looks like? The conflict that Judgment, Criticism, Blame and Shame – the silencing components of abuse, the powerlessness, tra…

Erena Oliver
Career Coaching
Love Shouldn't Hurt

We often speak about physical violence and there are laws in place to prevent, stop or punish the abusers.

What can be even more damaging in a long run is emo…

Nadya Lukic
The Thief and the Pig - A story about abuse and society

The thief is not a person but represents the life that has been taken from you because you experienced abuse. In particular, it is the situation you are in at …

Linda Jane Newby, PhD
Addressing issues of sexual abuse in Pagan communities

In recent years, allegations of sexual misconduct in Pagan and polytheist communities have become increasingly visible. The arrest and conviction of Kenny Klei…

Toby Elliott
Healing deep emotional wounds from abuse

The emotional wounds from abuse

An emotional war rages within the people who have experienced abuse in life, and it is not a pleasant thing to feel. The invis…

Linda Jane Newby, PhD
Abusive relationships between people in the House of Commons

Dame Laura Cox’s report on bullying in the House of Commons is a painful read. Like most people, it calls up memories of relatives and friends who have been ab…

Demi Powell
A future view of how medicine and forensics will change how we deal with abuse in society

Awake the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room is the way it has been for too long. Its looming mass is there for everyone to see, and yet it remains…

Linda Jane Newby, PhD

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