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Aerospace Medicine
Medical emergencies in flight: Inspiring Stories
For most passengers, flying an airplane is an important part of the journey. Sometimes in flight, not everything goes according to plan because of the confin...
Bethany Thomas
Opioid analgesics in anesthesiology
A lot of patients require surgery, diagnostic tests, or outpatient procedures to treat all kinds of pathologies. Unfortunately, a protective mechanism such a...
Bethany Thomas
Environmental Education
7 reasons to promote environmental education
Why is environmental education important? Children at school and students in the university should be involved in environmental education for several reasons...
Demi Powell
Biologists have identified one of the key factors of longevity.
Abstract Healthy aging and human longevity are determined by a successful combination of genetic and non-genetic factors. Family studies have shown that...
Demi Powell
Sex and Aging/ Erectile Dysfunction
“Karl”, a successful, healthy, 72-year old businessman seemed to have it all. He was wealthy, with homes in New York and Germany. He was well-educated and...
Michael J Berkowitz
Social Psychology
How To Develop A Strong Mind in Crisis
Develop A Strong Mind In During Crisis Because of the epidemic, we have all been advised to shelter in place, keeping at home as much as possible. This p...
Davidv Jonsone
Sexual Health
What Is Tantra?
The Kama Sutra, the classical Indian text on the art of Love, enumerates the 64 arts. The text advises that these should be studying along with the Kama Sutr...
Lora Al-Awar
Soft Skills Development
Curiosity - re-thinking the role of Leadership
Image: Alex vandeHoef/Getty Images Most of the breakthrough discoveries and remarkable inventions throughout history, from flints for starting a fire to s...
Steve J. Chandler
#heartline ended near Jupiter mount. A sign of selfishness.
#selfish nature #golddigger If the heart line end near the mount of jupeter and situated between first two fingers. its a signs that person is much more se...
ihsan ullah
Love marriage sign.
two lines coming behind the palm and suddenly join to together with each other, it's strong evidence of love marriage in classic palmistry.
ihsan ullah
My story
Hi, my dear friends! I would like to tell you about my journey, how I ended up here where I am now. My spirit had chosen Russia as a country where to be i...
Alina Wardlaw
Career Coaching
Living Authentically to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life
The impact of social media on our youth has definitely contributed to the self-absorbed society that we are living in. It seems like people across the globe ...
Grace Being
Psychic surgery
Body Lift
What is body building? Body lifting (torsoplasty) is a plastic surgery that removes excess skin from the abdomen, back, thighs, and buttocks. Important! Th...
The psychology of religion, or how people become believers
Since William James, psychologists have been interested in religion a lot: from the concept of some mystical experience, their judgments have evolved into th...
Ohaguro: The Beauty of Blackened Teeth in Old Japan
In the modern culture of worldwide beauty standards, people are dying to have as white teeth as possible. Like snow. Even better. But what if centuries ago t...
Mary Miller
What is Health Research? | Cancer Council NSW
For what reason is wellbeing research significant? What we think about malignant growth changes after some time as more exploration is finished. Wellbei...
Cha Yang
The Five Foundations of Intuitive Ethics
We attempted to recognize the full scope of wonders across societies that would be clarified by any sufficient hypothesis of human profound quality. We disti...
Mary Miller
Career Coaching
Transforming Limiting Beliefs
Throughout our life we accumulate beliefs about ourselves. Some are uplifting and inspiring. And others simply don’t serve us. They only bring us pain and we...
Inner Child Healing
How To Empower Your Inner Child
How To Empower Your Inner Child To Empower The Adult You Learn why Inner Child Healing and Therapy help empowers the adult you. Why Inner Child work can...
Eileen Burns
An Honest Review Of Zeitgeist: The Movie
Present Tense: Davin O’Dwyer Who doesn’t adore a decent paranoid fear? The majority of us, obviously, incline toward our tricks to be completely anecdota...
Kori Miller
Career Coaching
Feel the Fear and Do It anyway
“Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers This book was recommended to me 30 years ago and I still practice its teaching today. I’ve learned over the ...
Cécile Franckinioulle
Which kind of function does the half-moon marks of five fingers correspond to?
Since the nail is the exchange area of the Yin energy channel and the Yang energy channel, the area of the half-moon has plenty of vessels and nerve endings....
Janet Li
Are you among the captives, Jesus came to set free? I believe one or the other we all ARE!!
Every time I preach from Luke 4:18, I emphasize on the issue of setting the captives free. This is because every other Preacher stresses everything else. J...
Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana
You can still find your way back to Jesus after getting lost in occultism
People of God how are you? When we sin we believe that we have erred on our own but we forget that sin actually glorify Satan just as works of faith and lov...
Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana