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Life Uncertainty
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Viruses: what they are and how they spread
Virus structure Viruses are very small packages of genom, which contain DNA and RNA. Some viruses have just a few genes, which have the manufacturing in...
Demi Powell
Sustainability Coaching
The concept of sustainability coaching
The main idea of sustainable development coaching is to make a sustainable strategy that will work for you and to expand your opportunities for both business...
Demi Powell
Human Rights
Do you know your Human Rights?
Every person has human rights from birth. They are all enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights, approved by the international community. The first ...
Isabella Dawson
Career Coaching
An Understanding of Coaching in Asia
The coaching industry has grown tremendously in the last few years. As of 2019, the estimated global total revenue from coaching was USD2.8 billion, a 21% in...
Zhenli Lin
Free Writing
How To Create The Life You Want By First Facing Your Own Faults
If anything has gained traction in the world of health and wellness, it’s the phrase, “how to create the life you want.” In fact, if you search Youtube for t...
Aleks Slijepcevic
3 Productivity Hacks
Time is our most valuable resource. We all want to work efficiently. Here are three hacks to work smarter, not harder. * Grouping: Group like tasks togethe...
Alyssa Kelliher
Animal-Assisted Therapy
The spirit of the Owl
Do you always see an owl spirit animal in your dreams, daydreams, and even just your random thoughts? When you keep encountering the owl symbolism and you’re...
Bantu Chk
Tarot Reading
My First Tarot Card Readings
Tarot cards were not new to me but, the first time I touched them to read for someone other than family it was an experience I did not see coming. As a child...
Angela Maroosis
Idea Generation in Menstruation
How can you manifest authentic ideas? Menstruation is here to support you! As we invite in the experience of menstruation, the gifts are endless. It calls us...
Keeva Dagg
The Power of No
What a complex word for only two letters! It has power. Like anything with power, it is amazing when you know how to use it. No represents a confidence that ...
Keeva Dagg
Career Coaching
Do you have a dream?
I love asking this question when I first meet people. I am surprised by how many start to think about it in that moment for the first time. For people who ha...
Keeva Dagg
The delusion of perpetual growth
It was not uncommon amongst certain sections of Chinese society, even into the early 20th century, to bind women’s feet. This barbaric practice was not an at...
Steve J. Chandler
Spiritual Healing
Passion of the SOUL
The light within the eyes reveals the ignition of the passion within the soul. When we have buried that light deep within, the eyes glaze over and we can wal...
Keeva Dagg
Functional medicine
What hormone test is best for Peri Menoause?
The Doctors told you “You’re too young to be in Peri Menopause and for hormone tests” or that “Your Blood test results are NORMAL”, but you’re fe...
cat armor
Square sign on Jupiter mount
The square sign ✋ is a great sign to have. this significantly reduces the effect of any danger happening in near future and act as a protective sign. It bec...
ihsan ullah
Telemental Health
Core Spirit Launches its New Mobile App for Wellness Services
Core Spirit, the comprehensive health and wellness platform with practitioners in more than 86 countries worldwide, has launched a new app for both and. Unli...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Core Spirit Launches Videos
Core Spirit has finally launched its most desired feature – video section. The platform now hosts videos from world’s best practitioners on health, wellness,...
Core Spirit Press Releases
Mind Control
Make decisions using your gut instinct
“You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my lif...
Meera Shah
Formal Realities of Truth.
As The Bible gets explored we see remnants of Psychedelics and Meditation. Could the spiritual revival have anything to do with spiritual openness? Are we bo...
Ian Hosein
Tiw's Aett
Tiw’s Aett TIWAZ – phonetic T, representing conquest, law, victory. The Germanic war god which preceded Wotan as folk patriarch (note the Aries to Scorpio e...
Stacey Gill
Analysis of Chopra's Omega Dialogue.
When Deepak Chopra spoke at Omega, it cut me to the core. His expertise in medical, holistic, and the biology of aging, just an on-point explanation of what...
Ian Hosein
Emotional Intelligence
Mindset and Motivation
I have tended in the past to procrastinate. This is a passive followed by an aggressive approach to achieving goals. Much like with the different styles in w...
Chloe Mepham
Heimdall's Aett
Heimdall’s Aett HAGALAZ – phonetic H, representing inclement weather, a storm. One bemoans skies of dark clouds, and the torrential downpour of rain, snow, ...
Stacey Gill
Freyja's Aett
It goes without saying that the most crucial parts of my practice are the Runes themselves. As previously stated, I use the Elder Futhark for its completenes...
Stacey Gill