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Your reality tunnel
Mar 25, 2021

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“Everybody sits in the jail of his own thoughts. A person is a piece of the entire called by us “Universe,” a section restricted in existence. He encounters himself, his musings and emotions as something isolated from the rest-a sort of optical dream of his awareness.

This hallucination is a sort of jail for us, limiting us to our own cravings and to friendship for a couple of people closest to us. Our undertaking should be to liberate ourselves from this jail by enlarging our circle of empathy to accept every living animal and the entire of nature in its magnificence.”

Albert Einstein

Reality burrow is a term begun by Timothy Leary and promoted by Robert Anton Wilson. It alludes to the idea that with an inner mind set of channels shaped from their convictions and encounters, everybody deciphers this equivalent world in an unexpected way, thus “Truth is entirely subjective”. This isn’t really intended to imply that there is no goal truth; simply that our admittance to it is intervened through our faculties, experience, molding, earlier convictions, and other non-target factors. The individual world every individual possesses is supposed to be their existence burrow. The term can likewise apply to gatherings of individuals joined by convictions: we can discuss the fundamentalist Christian reality burrow, the logical realist reality burrow, the libertarian reality burrow, and so on

The idea of reality burrows fits in pleasantly with the logical idea of affirmation inclination by which we will in general notify and dole out importance to perceptions that affirm our earlier convictions, while sifting through or defending endlessly perceptions that don’t fit with what we accept. This assists with clarifying why reality burrows are normally straightforward to their occupants. While it appears to be a great many people take their convictions to compare to the “one genuine target reality,” Robert Anton Wilson underscores that every individual’s world passage is their own aesthetic creation, if they understand it.

Through different procedures one can separate old reality burrows and force new reality burrows by eliminating old channels and supplanting them with new ones, new viewpoints on the real world - voluntarily. This is accomplished through different processes of deprogramming utilizing reflection, controlled utilization of drugs, neuro-etymological programming, computer science, spellbinding, bio-input gadgets, and persuasively carrying on other Reality Tunnels. Hence, it is trusted one’s Reality Tunnel can be enlarged to exploit human potential and experience reality on more certain levels! Robert Anton Wilson’s Prometheus Rising is (in addition to other things) a manual to the investigation of different reality burrows, getting through the current one and opening our psyches to a totally different world.

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