July 15

You & Your World

I have  spent  a huge  amount of my life working for and with  Spirit,  now  most people automatically assume that is  Spirit the  invisible energy of those who have crossed on, well yes and no, because spirit resides in all things,  i absolutely got it when Star Wars came out because "The Force" is very real, the energy resides in the earth, the trees, water, rocks, animals  humans and so on, so  when i say I work with spirit it includes all of it.

When I am working as a medium of course I am interacting with the energies of those  who have crossed on, but equally with those of whom I am reading for, I believe totally that professional and practicing psychics/mediums have a duty of care to our clients and audiences not just to interlink  with spirit, but to teach everyone that they can do  their own linking, as spirit is constant and always trying to talk with us.

Our world  is made up of all levels  of spirit and the sooner we  all understand this then the sooner we will become "one race" no colour or creed. The  Human Race.

So  what am I getting at?  Well no matter who we are, what we do we affect our world, we do this with directed energy, thats achieved via thoughts and actions  basically  how we approach the daily offering of life is how we affect our world, we are also a transporter  for energy, the energy we deal with at work we transport to our homes, and vice versa,  I have spent  a huge amount of time teaching people how to clean clear and remove negative energies from every aspect  of our lives, and then sit back and watch how this change reaffects our lives and world. One positive pebble dropped into the pool of life, affects the whole  pool, not just the area where we dropped it in.  Take yourself to my YouTube Channel and watch my series Moments,  this will help you and your family  and friends  no matter what they are currently experiencing.

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