Working in Corporate Hell
Aug 18, 2023

Rachel Eaton
Core Spirit member since Aug 18, 2023
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Everyone walks a different path > Everyone has a different reality.

Regardless, we are forced to live in Rat Race America and not bat an eye. We are expected to put our heads down and work. It’s ideal that we do as we’re told without question. Thus pushing poor treatment from higher-ups to be accepted. We are told to report to the Human Resources Department if we need to make a fuss. We are told to disclose any disabilities we have that affect our ability to perform and accommodations will be made.

Reported mental health disability when hired, as told. On-the-clock panic attacks, mental breakdowns, and anxiety-induced seizing brought on by poor treatment from assigned higher-ups. Reporting to Human Resources as told. The poor treatment from the higher-ups is overlooked and excused while new responsibilities are placed upon the reporter. Denial of transfer to different higher-ups (suggested by the reporter). The reasoning for denial; The President of the company stated this is no solution > previous reports from others of poor treatment from all department higher-ups.

“Left in the blind is the result of reporting to Human Resources. No accommodations or solutions made by the Human Resources Department or the President of the company is the advantage of disclosing.”

{Clock in — breathe, open email — breathe, make calls — breathe, attend an appointment — breathe, have a panic attack — breathe, ask questions to the assigned higher-ups— breathe, have a panic attack — breathe, get ignored by assigned higher-ups— breathe, take a lunch break —breathe, cry and have a breakdown — breathe, clock back in — breathe, attend another appointment — breathe, have a panic attack — breathe, read the disrespectful responses from assigned higher-ups — breathe, cry and get overstimulated — breathe, call higher-ups for help: no answer — breathe, figure it out on own — breathe, have a panic attack — breathe, make calls — breathe, respond to emails — breathe, clock out for the day — breathe, cry and have a breakdown — breathe, try to eat dinner — breathe, force self in the shower — breathe, lay head down on pillow — breathe.}


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