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Witches Ladder
Dec 10, 2020

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The first known and recorded witch ladder found was in an old house in Wellington, Somerset England which was demolished in 1878, while Charles Godfrey Leland had gotten word of the wellington witches ladder whilst in Italy, he decided to do some research himself in Italy. later to find out that they used a similar item in Italy know by the name “Witches Garland” made up of some of the same items such as Cord, Black hen feathers, and small bones from multiple small animals, and human hair of the one your bewitching/cursing.

          While in modern 21st century Wicca and witchcraft a witch’s ladder is a rope and or a cord with 3, 9, or 13 knots with feathers, bones, and beads. And can be used for a multitude of spell casting protection, cursing, healing, breaking curses,   and more. While making the withes ladder with each knot a spell is recited to tie in your spell work, for a witch’s ladder spell to be undone the ladder must be destroyed such as by fire, undoing the knots, or dismembering it by a sharp instrument’. Most importantly it’s a simple way of working magic into your life whether it be protection or a simple wishing   spell.

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