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Why You Should Be Adding Crystals To Your Garden
Mar 29, 2018

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It’s officially summer, and nothing screams warm weather like a lush, green garden.

This year, I’m proposing we all add a little bit of variety to our blooms and dot our flowerbeds with crystals.

Yes—you read that right. Like plants, crystal stones are formed within the earth, so it’s only fitting to add them to your landscapes, too.

Look for colors that relate to the water, earth, and sun. Greens and yellows are great, with green being the color of nature and yellow the color of the sunlight it needs to blossom. You can store these stones in a pretty bowl, place them next to a fountain, align them in a windowsill display, or root them directly in the ground. Their natural beauty will please your eye, and their positive, nourishing energy will encourage a bountiful growing season.

Here are a few I’d recommend starting with:

1. Moss Agate

Moss agate is a grounding stone that can strengthen one’s connection to the earth. Considered the most powerful of the agates, it’s said to bring health and vitality to plants. Its presence is also thought to help balance emotions, so it’s a great gardening companion.

2. Tree Agate

This gorgeously green stone emits a calming energy and drowns out surrounding negativity. Placing one of them among your plants will encourage abundance and fullness in any indoor or outdoor garden.

3. Citrine

The stone of happiness, citrine emits warm, energizing vibes. It’s also known for removing toxins, so try throwing it in your soil to encourage happy, healthy plants.

4. Malachite

Malachite is thought to enhance fertility and welcome abundance, so it’s an obvious choice for any type of garden. Often called the stone of transformation, it’s especially great at promoting growth in new plants.

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