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Why Journal
Sep 20, 2023

Have you ever felt completely stuck? Not sure who to turn to, who to discuss things with, basically alone?

Journaling will help you. Write down precisely what you are thinking and how you are feeling. Remember, it doesn’t need to make complete sense to anyone but you. You can bullet-point the information if you prefer. If you do it this way, after you have bulleted everything, go back through and elaborate on everything until you feel you’ve exhausted it.
After you’ve gone through this, then take one section at a time and read through it. Look at it as if you were talking to a close friend and giving them advice.
Write down how to tackle each area in the third person. Going this will help you be objective and see things differently.

If you are struggling because of an individual, then a good task is to write down how they make you feel. Be completely honest. Sign it off as if you were sending it to the individual. Once you have completed this, you need to burn or cut it up. By doing this, you are ridding the hurt or annoyance from your mind; you have moved the pain from your sub-conscience, and you will now move forward.

Journaling can be completed anytime and doesn’t have to be done daily. It shouldn’t become a chore. It’s a tool to help you dig deep down into your subconscious about your feelings and enable you to learn to find solutions for your worries.

It’s worth it to keep going back to your bullet points weekly to see how much has changed and to check in with yourself to ensure that you continue moving forward.

The final task each time should be to end your journaling on any positive. The letter writing positive is burning or cutting up. The positive of the other part of journaling should be how you will feel when your points have been cleared. E.g. joyful, happy, relaxed at peace.

Happy journaling

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