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Why do we exist? Tell the children the truth

Aug 12, 2021
Bantu Chk
Core Spirit member since Aug 12, 2021
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“There is so much to live for in this world”.someone may take this statement lightly,but indeed,if you may pay close attention to the words,you’d realize that their meaning can only be comprehended by the ‘drunk’. I’ll explain later about what I mean when I say ‘drunk’,but now let me put this sentence into perspective for you,”there is so much to live for in this world”.
Rather than our careers and making children,there is a reason why we exist,and it is impossible to find such a reason in one life time. I’ll take a second to help you take that in,you can even go back and read it again just to get it into your thick human skull.

You can never realize your reason for ‘being’ in one lifetime. That’s how big this life game is.we are here for a reason and it’s too big a reason for our limited human minds with limited human capabilities to even imagine.
If you find this hard to comprehend ,think about ants,how small they are. Think about how they can just set up a colony in the corner of your bedroom..and because you don’t sweep everyday,they keep on multiplying and gathering more and more food,they start feeling at home,oblivious of the fact that they are intruders. The moment you learn that you’re going to have a guest,you try to tidy up a bit,you sweep your floor,wipe the spider webs on the ceiling and see this small pile of dust and ants in the corner,you eagerly shove your broom towards that direction,scattering a whole colony of ants. Now the last thing in your mind is how those poor ants feel,that’s the reality of things,but to the ants,their whole world has collapsed right in front of them. They are drove in to a state of panic,scrambling all over the floor,probably looking for their immediate loved ones or the food they have been gathering all the while you weren’t sweeping your room. For many of those ants,it’s the very first experience of a tragedy like that,but for some,they have seen it before,that’s probably the reason they moved out of your kitchen. They know that there are bigger threats out there besides the spiders and cockroaches they fight everyday. And because your sweeping has become consistent,there is a pattern the surviving ants will follow when setting up their next colony. The next generation of ants will inherit certain tendencies from the ones you’ve swept away,they will improve a certain aspect of their lives in preparation for your next sweep,probably when you get a visitor again, they will develop a certain resistance towards your rather clean room and probably move to settle in the corner of the bathroom because it is less often swept. Of coarse you do not know any of this,not that you should any ways,your personal hygiene is the least of there ant-problems.The only thing you’re reminded of whenever you sweep your room and discover a colony of ants is that you keep forgetting to buy an insecticide every time you do your groceries.
By now,the ants living rent free in your house have figured something out about their surroundings ;

  1. The ants know that the kitchen may be the wealthiest room,but it is also the most unsafe room in the house as the big giant (broom)stays there.
  2. When ever this ‘big giant’ comes to attack them,they encounter a lot of casualties,and the survivors have a responsibility to move the colony to a safer place.
  3. The ‘big giant ‘is indestructible. Even spiders and cockroaches,two of their fearsome predators,fall to this giant.

And by now,you are also aware of certain aspects about your living environment;

  1. The house has ants!
  2. They strategically nest where you don’t sweep everyday.
  3. There are so many of them,they’ve even invaded your bedroom now..You probably should get that insecticide ASAP!
    “There is so much to live for in this world”. The ant story was nice and interesting,but let me get to the moral of it so that you see the relationship between it and the above sentence. The ants do not know why you sweep! As much as it affects them,they do not know the reason behind the ‘attacks’! An ant has a lifespan of a few days,it’s understanding of human events is as limited as our understanding of our reason for existence!
    The ants came from outside attracted by the crumbs in the kitchen. Soon after settling there,they realized it wasn’t a safe place as the kitchen is swept everyday. Many of them died during these sweeps,and so they moved to settle in the living room. It seemed safer for them there at first and they were able to bring up their young and gather food in preparation for winter. Getting food was tough since the sweeps appeared random to them,but luckily for them,the living room wasn’t very far from the kitchen. And so they had mapped out a trail to ferry their food from the kitchen to their colony in the living room,Your living room. Seeing these ants while watching TV in the living room,you took your broom and swept them away. Some managed to escape,but at least you swept off their colony. The ants searched for another safe place in the house,and they discovered your bedroom. It is a bit further away from the kitchen,but non the less,safe as you did not sweep everyday. They began to feel safe in your bedroom and by then,it’s only a handful of the original ones from outside that are still alive. Days pass without any sweeps,they multiply,some die and in no time, a new generation of ants lives in your bedroom,of whom ,non has ever lived in the kitchen nor the living room. As they can not risk living the bedroom to gather for food,They set up some sort of civilization there,forming regiments and battalion amongst themselves,responsible for satisfying certain aspects of their lives socially,economically and politically. Their living arrangements as they are many,gathering food and leadership,not only amongst their respective regiments and battalions,but also, leadership of the whole colony as it can not survive without a leader to guide them and give them direction as they face different challenges in their everyday lives.
    As human beings,we have preoccupied ourselves with such priorities. Our social,political and economical aspects of life greatly influence our everyday living so much that it is easy to mistaken these for our reason for existence. We have cushioned ourselves comfortably into careers that narrowly focus on how we coexist more than why we exist in the first place.Just like the ants in the bedroom ,we have forgotten why and how we came in the house to begin with. We are too small,we don’t even realize that there is life outside the house.
    As human beings,we only have a short term on earth,each and everyone of us is a temporal resident. From the day that we’re born to the last breath we take,our value of existence is measured by how we lived our lives for others rather than how we lived for ourselves! It is when you live for others that you begin to see, that you only have a small part to play in this great game. Our lives are building blocks,it is how we live that determines whether the builder uses us or not. Some blocks the builder refuses because they do not fit ,or are not in line with his house plans. But the blocks he does use are those that will forever be admired and appreciated. For every block that follows will have the blocks that the builder has already used as reference on how to shape itself so as to be part of the Beautiful Temple . No one knows the builder and his plans,but it would be ignorant of us to assume that there is no builder, there is no plan.

“There is so much to live for in this world,we must tell the children the truth"!

Bantu Chk
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