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Why are you an Empath?

Jun 5, 2022
Reading time 3 min.

What is an Empath? It is a spiritual skill that enables a person to feel the intentions & underlying emotions of other people. It can be considered a gift that gives a person a way of feeling deeper and is sometimes classified as clairsentient or a gut feeling. Empath’s are endowed with having a massive amount of empathy or they feel what someone else is feeling, like putting yourself in their shoes and knowing exactly what they are going through, a keen automatic knowing that can sometimes arise in the gut. It’s usually the thing that everyone acknowledges as the “something told me.”

The essence of being an extremely deep feeling person comes from using the soul, even when you don’t know you are using it. The heartfelt feeling guides you to being a helper, intuitive listener, problem solver, in control of your own choices and the person that understands someone else’s plight. Although, the soul is used in this skill of deeper feeling, it had to have a root cause of why it was established and why many people are enabled with a sense of always knowing the outcome of things. It’s just a natural way of being for them, that they can not turn off or on.

When you feel someone else’s pain and frustration it encourages unity within any situation, both parties relate, even if it doesn’t directly affect them. The unity in what Empath is and does, comes from a cohesiveness that had already been introduced to created beings that are thinking feeling, meaning people and animals. With animals sometimes all you need is to look in their eyes or at their demeanor and you will gain insight on what they feel or have been up to.

Empathic skills being inclusive in existence must of been vital to the development of creation, if everyone has a hint of it in their makeup.The heightened sense of feeling lacks speech, you don’t have to hear it to comprehend what’s going on, in the end you find out, your vibes were on point. The direct correlation of soul, heart, feeling, gut, comes from everyone’s spiritual existence that started in the Heavenly realm.

Not documented in any religious text, authored book or clearly given explanation by first-hand experience is the fact that all people in Heaven are fully operating as feeling beings. They don’t have shaped mouths, their in spirit form, so it’s a natural part of communicating, by speaking with their thoughts. In turn they have to use feelings with the thoughts, as their audible voice. As a Spirit, it takes both acts in order to discern what is being transmitted. If you ever had an experience where you had a dream of someone who crossed into Heaven, they appeared, they didn’t use their mouth, they used their thoughts and the words moved rapidly. It was an exchange where they knew what you were going to say and you received their message precisely.

The skill of Empath has transcended from an inherent ability that people in Heaven use, to a relevant tool that you have and need while journeying in the world. As it is being used in daily life, it’s being sharpened and opens up a person to read situations before knowing all the details. The key to using it to benefit you or someone else, is to become comfortable with your innate knowing, listen to it, allow it to steer you from the wrong directions, people and situations. Let people know when you get a funny feeling, that you have no real explanation for. Recognize those times as your empathic skill speaking to you, always embrace it and be proud of yourself for using your soul to navigate through life.

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