When You have People's ear, Don't Play Around With It
Jul 14, 2023

Forgetfulness is an act of not recalling or remembering what one is supposed to remember. Something you saw or experienced, you are supposed to remember but you find it difficult to do. It’s called forgetfulness. The simple explanation you might but it goes deeper than what we just explained and that might be the reason we are even attempting its explanation in the first place.

 There is another act similar to the one we just explained, it is called madness. You do a thing now within one week, you are ready to swear with your life and with other things you hold dear that you never saw or seen anything like what is being attached to you and your name before.  You are so convincing in your swearing and twisting of face that many sound minds and those that witnessed you in the act in the first place started wondering if they are the ones with the mad bug or something.

The thing about this kind of bug intentional or not is that just like melancholy, the more you wallow in it, sooner than later, you will not know truly where the line of manipulation, deceit or reality starts and where each ends. When it gets to this level, it acute form that needed acute handling or you have different ball game to do away with altogether.

Still confused?

Okay, it’s this way. Whether you are in the business of telling lies, manipulation or not, we all know that one of the characteristics of a good liar is being able to recall things and be consistent with whatever you are doing or saying because once you start neglecting the ability of your audience to recall things or keep records, you are heading down that proverbial drain route. Most people are good in recalling events and many keep records and most don’t play around with their time and peace so, to have been able to land such characters in the position of “ benefit of doubt” you must have been so convincing in your first explanation, act, so to have forgotten your line within months or even a year and then believing that others would too is playing with little break through you have made. If you are sound, you can entertain such risk or you and reputation or whatever remains of it will end up where you actually belong. In the center of dust bin.

Why would a man or group that was claiming knowledge of ability that is foreign to common sense and science today start saying the opposite in as little as three months? Shit, to be believe by sound minds or those laying claim to soundness of any kind is to many still laying claims to another type of soundness Is playing games. Many wants it direct, as it is. No games.

A man to be convincing without tangible evidence or pointing out evidence to the day and or source of his or her claims and still retain sound interest is pure magic or what you see stand-up comedies many are into like content writing the follow-up You can just jump into it from any angle or sector, and with little effort you can have a decent breakthrough if such a situation repeats itself, you are a star and whatever comes from such an end is well taken by your followers. Whatever, consistency remains the key to holding on to your audience and even making them part with their pay, time at times.

 You can't achieve such milestone by saying the opposite of what you said today next week or month when your audience is expecting follow up, you come with cut and joined line. Repeat it again, you will be hit with the biggest of refund, decoupling or decamping demand you have ever seen or read anywhere in your life.

Laying claims of one thing today and
when you see yourself in a dare situation-like you start doing playing different symphonies distancing yourself from what you had been claiming to be Siamese Twin earlier is particularly not the route to embedding positively one’s reputation in the heart and minds of people. It’s losers game you are into and losers don’t have an audience even free ones let alone paying ones.

Let your yes today be your yes in twenty years if not for eternity. When the contrary is the case, other things from you might be cast in doubt 24 hours each day too, that’s the way of humans and regaining lost trust is not an easy thing to do.

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