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When You Fear Suffering, You Are In Midst One It Already.
Aug 31, 2023

It is an indicator to all who are observant enough. It shows that nothing weighs a man down like fear. I heard and believed from experience that man can put up with failure, with the past, with any known thing and get on with life but this idea of being in the dark, this idea of not knowing weighs the spirit down. Nothing like a weapon like that to keep useless hope alive, keep the unruly and unreliable online, anticipating what only exists in the mind of those who don’t know. Humans just want to know in other to get on with life.
So the mind that anticipates calamity is heavily weighed down, even when the opposite is his or her fate. At times, we attract negativities that are miles away from us through unnecessary worries, something that never knew we existed. Nothing magnates evil like over worried heart, over wrongly focused heart, over a guilty burdened mind. Our heart is just like our brain with short and long memory compartments. Rooms like bank vaults with different levels of items are stored. Once you get over-focused on anything, it opens up a well-secured long magnetic vault and magnates what you focus on. Negativity, suffering of the extreme kind, long prison time, and other dare situations focus the heart well and might open that magnetic vault that attracts magnates are directly and indirectly asking for.
It is how prayers are answered, and karmas speedily repaid. Such a situation shows that the person has problems, is not stable, not even clean even when timidity Is his or her lot. It shows one is not mature, a mind that doesn’t know himself. When that is the case, it points out that you do know not anything no matter your claims.
A mind that is easily and continuously thrown into a Panic state either is not clean or seriously sick. Such a mind isn’t trustworthy. I don’t think any informed mind will be against this assertion. It doesn't need any fancy degree or secondary school certificate to figure out. A mind that reacts excessively out of fear and order is not clean and healthy. It is a known fact that timid minds quickly get out of it when subjected to hardship, persecution, and attacks for a long. With constant besieging, unfocused minds are always focused. Timid minds always got focused and wise when subjected to hardship, and attacks of any kind.
Nature is not crazy. It has its routes and its way of carrying out its duties each day. It knows nothing about being biased or racial. But we humans doing the observing get our facts about nature wrong, mangled together either for selfish advantages or out of true ignorance. To think that intentional bias plays a part in the facts about humanity, our minds, and how it works is wrong.
The world and its ways are never stable. No one is ever sure of anything, everything. There is always room for bullshit. Room for man to playy God with any freedom nature grants us. We are sentimental animals swayed by many mundane factors that might make our stand on issues, and our work is questionable. How then can the work of man ever be 100 percent trustworthy? Impossible. Nevertheless, we have degrees, levels, and checks for each work once get through we deem it trustworthy, and reliable enough to be termed 100 percent okay.
Society is full of volatile humans that can pass for psycho. Unstable creatures and actions, the chameleon of humans, volcanic individuals that erupt at nothing this moment and turn into ice the next. Behaviors that turn into good and bad omens to those around them.
Humans should live in such a way that they have nothing disturbing their sleep. Timidity as Greene pointed has no place in the realm of power, anxiety, and volatile behaviors have no place amid sound humanities. existence believes that he can pray hunger out of existence without corresponding action to make money or those who believe he can shift his fate to another by prompting images of his imagination can claim to be sound minds. All these are sick minds that are making serious claims about loony bins.
Only the observers benefit when these kinds of situations arise. Those whose dick minds are told that they are equal to the task and jump into the ring with those more experienced got themselves hurt badly emotionally and healing is usually wrongly pursued.

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