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When Given A Gig, You Must First Know What You Are Agreeing To

Mar 17, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
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“When Given A Gig, You Must First Know What You Are Agreeing To”

When after a fowl and failed but succeeded in capturing even one of her chickens, you have succeeded in capturing the fowl.

That saying comes from my adage. That shows the way my people reason. I believe that saying to be optimum of wrong thinking and negative mindset. Marauders’ way of reasoning that you see among cults and other outlaws these days.

The sounds among us quest should never depend on the trial of luck or if “I must, then anyone from the mother hen must too” mindset.

It’s an evil way of living that comes from minds that are in the first place where they don’t suppose to be hatching ideas that cover failures, corruption, wickedness, and needed escape hatch in case some innocents challenge the status quo or even way of redirecting attention else where.

This afternoon, it is as if some cult members that hold sway in this city and seem to operate in their area of influence seem to have met their Waterloo in their quest to prove their past sins to be right and are not ready to acknowledge their evil or maybe afraid of the fate they assigned to someone else wrongly. They were scrambling to avoid their fate which I found funny and disheartening, to be honest.

Moves like this or showing any signs of fear or what relates to them in any way shows that what for years they had been parading as being the truth and right and correct ways were all along false and wrong. The worst of it all is that some are behaving as if they knew all along that they were wrong but fulfilling someone's wishes. I call a situation like this an agreed-upon injustice that covers not only those that agreed to it but all that relates to them, family and interest-wise. A kind of killing few to save the many theory.

Do you think that a sin of the president should include or be heaped on the nation as its representative or labeled president only?

This is where sound governance comes in. It is where every arm of government should be represented. If the house or its committee agrees on any adventure that presidents embarks on and if it backfires, the nation must bear the consequences. The house is representative of the people. They found them worthy to represent them and that was the reason they voted for them but where the house and the judiciary have been pocketed by the president that acts arbitrarily, the nation, in my opinion, knows nothing.

Why would any sound mind be running after the chickens when he or she has business with the hen? If his assignment from day one was to deliver the hen, why run after the chicken? The assignment is not done.

It’s not only a sign of failure, but it is also deceit, it is a sign that the person on assignment is too chicken to accept his failure out of fear of retribution or retaliation. Too afraid to face the same fate they are meting out on others. Sign to any sound mind that the person had taken them for a ride for months or years. Sign that the person doesn’t have respect for them. Don’t rate them as knowing their left from their right.

I am not sure anyone like being taken for a fool. And I am not sure any sound mind like any idiot making him unknowingly accessory to disruption of peace and way of doing things for personal gains.

If you can't deliver the hen whoever pays you wants his head and think you have done your work by delivering a chicken, you would find out that your master’s work is compounded, still undone with that chicken around. And you not free of the quagmire your master(s) found himself in. So, you must be made to face the music.

When you are agreeing to a gig of any kind or being forced Into one, it is of great importance to know also the consequence of failure not only gain in case your estimation of the gig is wrong and in most nocturnal gigs, it is always not easy. It has no record of high success anywhere.

Intelligent not to agree to what you can’t be proud to do it in living daylight honestly if you are still sound as you claim for any amount because nocturnal gigs mostly end in failure in daylight one way or the other. Flailing around is losers way of trying to remain afloat.

Focusing on your quarry and trying to maintain a good name and family doesn’t come easy. Certain things work in reverse. If you can’t in all honesty surrender yourself to the test and actions you mete to your quarry, you are guilty of everything and I mean everything.

So, no matter what is pushing you, you must be aware of the consequences of failure and condition your mind for that.

Many in prison for drug trafficking mostly see the D in dollars only not one in detention, disease, or death until they are forced to acknowledge them.

So, the wisdom is to say no to certain gigs from the onset no matter the enticement, and not seek for escape hatch when the going turns not as anticipated.

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